Philips Norelco 9700 Shaver Review

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Philips Norelco 9700 Shaver

Category: Body Groomers, Brand: Philips Norelco , Model: 9700 Shaver
CHOOSE IT AS: The shaver will guarantee that you get that smooth shave that you desire while protecting your hygiene through its efficient cleaning system.
Philips Norelco 9700 Shaver
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Rating: 4.0 / 5 stars
(on 603 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Size: 7.9 x 11.2 x 5.7 in
20 x 28.4 x 14.5 cm
Weight: 43.2 (neto) oz
1225 (neto) g
Color: Black
Blades: Self-sharpen
Precision: V-Track Precision Blade
Storage Pouch:
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Running Time: 60 min
Charging Time: 60 min
LED Charging Indicator:
Micro-USB Charge:
Via wall Charging:
Rechargeable Battery:
Back Shaver:
Body Clipper:
Memory Safety Lock :
Amazon's price:
299.91 $
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Benefits Of The Phillips Norelco 9700 Shaver

It comes with Counter Detect Technology

Our faces are shaped differently and so the most efficient shaver should be able to factor that in during the shaving process. This electric shaver comes fitted with the CounterDetect Technology that enables it to move in 8 different directions during shaving. This capability makes it easy for the shaver to maneuver through the contours of the face effortlessly to achieve a very smooth shave. In the actual sense, this ability to align to the curves on the shaving region equips it to remove 20% more hairs than your average beard shaver.

It is fitted with V- Blade Precision Blades PRO

The blades used by any hair trimmer normally go a long way in determining the degree of the shave that can be achieved through it. This electric shaver is fitted with the V-blade Precision Blades PRO which is capable of removing stubble that has been growing for between two to three days. An ability that enables the beard trimmer to achieve an impressive smooth shave. Cases of developing an irritated skin after using this shaver are also non-existent. This is because the blades are self-sharpening and so they remain sharp all through the life of the shaver minimizing the development of a blunt blade rubbing on your skin to cause a sore irritation.

Settings That Can be Customized

The ability to customize the settings on your beard shaver is also key as it will enable you to use it effectively to meet different needs. With this shaver, you will get three different settings you can work with for different occasions. The first one is the Sensitive settings which you can use so that the electric trimmer is gentle on your skin to save you from any skin irritation. You can also set it to Normal settings in case you want a shave similar to your everyday look. Or you if you are in such a hurry you can use the Fast settings which activate the hair trimmer to operate at record level speeds without any impact on its efficiency.

Waterproofed with The AquaTech Wet and Dry Seal

The best electric shaver is one that does not limit how or where you can use it. The manufacturers of this beard trimmer understand this too well and so have gone to great lengths to fit it with the AquaTech wet and Dry Seal which gives the shaver waterproof capabilities. What this means for you is that you can use it in the dry mode when you are in a rush and you need a quick shave or you can use it in the wet mode when you need to apply your favorite gel or foam during shaving or just when you want to use it in the shower.

It has a Smart Clean PLUS Cleaning System

Your hygiene as you shave is very important and that means you need a shaver that can support your efforts to keep it clean. For this shaver, you will get the Smart Clean PLUS system that keeps the electric trimmer clean on your behalf. It will clean it, lubricate it and dry it simultaneously preventing any germs from creating a home in your beard shaver. This system will also go a long way in charging your trimmer to ensure that at any given time it is performing at its best.

It Supports Cordless Shaving

In the past, there have been concerns that shavers which can enable you to shave while plugged put you at risk of electrocution when exposed to water. This electric shaver takes care of that by giving you the ability to use it uncorded. It is fitted with a lithium-ion- battery that can support up to 60 minutes of shaving and that is after being charged for only 5 minutes. This feature is also very important for instances when you have no access to a power source and you need a quick shave. You will be able to get your much-needed shave as long as your electric shaver has adequate charge in it. 

It comes with a Convenient Travel Case

The fact that you will be traveling does not mean that you have to leave your electric shaver behind. For this beard trimmer, you will get a travel case that you can use to keep with your other travel utilities. And you don’t need to worry about finding space for it as it is designed to occupy as little space as possible. Inside the shaver is a ventilation chamber that works perfectly in ensuring the shaver is kept dry and free of germs. 

Digital Display Area

This shaver comes with a digital display area that you can use to monitor the settings that you are making on it. This gives you a great level of accuracy on the settings you are using to customize the device with to fit your needs.

It is fully washable

This electric shaver comes with the AquaTech wet dry seal which makes the shaver waterproof. Since you intend to use your beard shaver frequently with the wet settings, this means its durability is enhanced by a high degree.

It is Designed to Fit into Your Hand

Your comfort as you shave is really boosted by the fact that the shaver is designed to fit right into your hand while shaving. So will not experience strain on your hand as you use it or after using it.

It is Easy to Clean

Thanks to the smart clean PLUS system, this shaver is very easy to clean. You are guaranteed of a healthy and much tidy electric shaver.

Cons Of the Phillips Norelco Shaver 9700

It has a delicate head- the head of the electric shaver is quite delicate and so if it is not used with a lot of care it will end up broken.


This is one of the best electric shavers you can find out there. It will guarantee that you get that smooth shave that you desire while protecting your hygiene through its efficient cleaning system. You will also be able to customize its settings to fit your needs much better. And skin irritation should be your last concern since its self-sharpening blades will ensure that there is not friction between your skin and the blades at any point. However, in the course of making it possible for the head of this beard shaver to be able to align to the curves of the face, it has become very delicate and easy to break. So you might need to be very careful while using it. Otherwise, it comes highly recommended.


It comes with Counter Detect Technology;

It is fitted with V- Blade Precision Blades PRO;

Settings That Can be Customized;

Waterproofed with The AquaTech Wet and Dry Seal;

It has a Smart Clean PLUS Cleaning System;

Digital Display Area;

It Supports Cordless Shaving;

It comes with a Convenient Travel Case;

It is Fully Washable;

It is Designed to Fit into Your Hand;

It is Easy to Clean.


It Has a Delicate Head.

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