N/A Electric Heated Gloves Review

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N/A Electric Heated Gloves

Category: Electric Heated Gloves, Brand: N/A , Model: Electric Heated Gloves
N/A Electric Heated Gloves
Rating: 5.0 / 5 stars
(on 2 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
For Men:
For Women:
For unisex:
Size for unisex: L
Color: Black
Temperature: 100 - 120 F
38 - 49 C
Portable pothook:
ON/OFF button:
Battery type: lithium-ion
Charging port: AC charger
Amazon's price:
34.99 $

These heated motorcycle gloves are heated and work with rechargeable batteries that will ensure you do not spend money constantly replacing drained batteries. You can also use them with your smartphone since they come with smartphone sensitivity. They are also perfect for use for outdoor activities that require a firm grip since they come with non-slip palms. If you choose to use them at night then you will benefit from the reflective design which alerts other road users of your presence. However, if you are used to using much lighter gloves you will find them quite heavy on the hands.


They save you on the cost of frequently purchasing replacement batteries since they work with rechargeable batteries.

You can use them with your smartphones while still wearing them since they are designed with touchscreen sensitivity on the fingertips.

They come with a pocket that you can store the batteries for easy management.

You can use them in wet conditions since they are made of waterproof material.

They keep you safe while you are driving in darkness thanks to the reflective coating on the upper part.

You can use them for activities that require a firm grip like mountain climbing.

They are comfortable on the hands thanks to the soft plush material that lines the insides.


They are quite heavy on the hands.

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