Isteams Fabric Steamer Review

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Isteams Fabric Steamer

Category: Fabric Steamers, Brand: Isteams , Model: Fabric Steamer
Isteams Fabric Steamer
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Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
(on 576 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2018
Basic info:
Size: 8 x 3.2 x 5.5 in
20 x 8 x 14 cm
Weight: 1.03 lb
0.47 kg
Steam Time: 10min
Power: 700 W
Water Capacity: 130 ml
Auto shut-off:
Amazon's price:
31.99 $
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This fabric steamer has the advantage of high speed steaming technology which means you will get to spend very little time on the fabric that you are using it on. It comes with a specially designed nozzle that is very efficient in distributing steam on the fabric. You'll also love it that it's protected from damage thanks to its automatic shut off function which shuts it off when it overheats or it runs out of water in the reservoir. Another thing is that it is very lightweight and small in size which makes it an ideal travel steamer. However, it sometimes makes the fabric that you are steaming wet since it spits out an unusual amount of water so you cannot tip it by over 45 degrees.


It is very lightweight and quite portable which makes it ideal for travel to keep your clothes free of wrinkles.

You get to save time while removing wrinkles from clothes since its nozzle is designed in a shape that ensures it covers a wide area during ironing.

It works gently to eliminate wrinkles from all kinds of fabric without damaging the clothes.

You can use it to steam clothes continuously for ten minutes which is sufficient to iron one full garment.

It protects the device from damage when overheated or when it has run out of the water by immediately activating the auto shut off function when either scenario arises.

You're protected from hand strain since it comes with an ergonomic handle and it is lightweight to ensure ease of movement during use.

It is very easy to clean.


It sometimes spits off water which makes the fabric you are ironing wet and messy.

It cannot be tipped past the 45° angle.

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