Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier Review

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Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier

Category: Hearing Aids, Brand: Easy Us Life , Model: Sound Amplifier
CHOOSE IT AS: Digital technology delivering high pitch sounds to your ear, intelligent volume control.
Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier
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Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
(on 141 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2015
Basic info:
Colors: Beige
Size: 0.6 x 0.4 x 0.7 in
1.5 x 1.1 x 1.9 cm
Weight: 0.05 oz
1.5 g
Wearing Type: ITC
Exchangeable house:
Battery Type: 1 A10 Zinc air
Duration: 21 Days
Charging Indicator:
Adjustable Sound Level:
Ear tips: 4 Different Size
On/Off Switch:
Frequency Modes:
High & Low Tone Control:
Digital Noise Reduction:
Tinnitus Control:
HD Music Program:
Remote Control:
Amazon's price:
88.69 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

Technical Details

- Digital technology allows Easy Us Life sound amplifiers to convey high-pitched resonance to the human ears. There is also a feature described as “intelligent volume control.”

- The ITC amplifier is a certified energy saver because of its A-10 zinc air battery with maximum performance capacity of 500 hours;

- Earplugs with four different sizes plus manual and one cleaning brush;

- It fits comfortably and less visible along with miniature size and lightweight design;

- There is a battery compartment with power switch;

- The sound amplifier from Easy Us Life ensures hassle-free volume control for the preferred amplification level;

- Power-off switch before the user sleeps or does not want to use the device;

- Guaranteed durability;

- Simple functionality.

Benefits of the Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier

This hearing amplifier, the user can pick up essential details from conversation that could have been missed without this digital gadget. This is important especially in the workplace when important matters are discussed during team meetings and conferences. Communication is also vital among family members and effective in preventing unnecessary disagreements. The sound amplifier is an effective tool in making sure that they can understand each other without missing on anything and avoid misunderstandings.

This product is also a big help for motorists or people walking along thoroughfares. Using hearing amplifiers help the driver of a motor vehicle or someone strolling leisurely to pick up sounds of approaching vehicles and stay away from accidents.

The miniature digital device helps someone who needs to hear information clearly because of its capacity to amplify. This is useful while the person is asking for directions or listening to instructions; doing daily chores; and, seeking out essential information. Besides, it is not necessary for the speaker to repeat what he or she is saying or relaying to the listener.

The prices are reasonable considering that features and benefits are immense. There is very little background noise or feedback and users can hear perfectly. It was also effective for a 90-year old woman who lived in an assisted-living facility. The device gives absolute value for the customer’s hard-earned money.

Downsides of the Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier

This sound amplifier has a shelf life just like all kinds of merchandise. There is no 100 percent guarantee that the product will work perfectly after it is shipped and delivered to the buyer. At the same time, Easy Us Life cannot assure customers that there will be a fool-proof performance.

The Easy Us Life sound amplifier is pre-programmed which makes it capable of coping with the usual environmental scenarios. Thus, it cannot be programmed after ordering and buying the item.

Product is not and should not be compared to the medical-quality hearing aid. It amplifies sounds but the options for calibration are less.


Small Size of Sound Amplifier;

Good price;

Helps to drive a car;

Simple functionality.


It Cannot be Programmed After Ordering and Buying the Item;

There is no 100 percent guarantee that the product will work perfectly after it is shipped and delivered to the buyer.

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