EmaxDesign Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

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EmaxDesign Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Category: MakeUp Brush Cleaners, Brand: EmaxDesign , Model: Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
EmaxDesign Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Rating: 3.0 / 5 stars
(on 29 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Weight: 13.6 oz
386 g
Bowl Material: Plastic
Cleaning Time: 30 s
Collar Stand:
Battery: 2 x AAA
Amazon's price:
15.99 $

This is one makeup brush cleaner that is very easy to use since it comes with very simple parts and an ergonomic handle that safeguards your comfort while you use it. You get 8 different collars of different diameters which are ideal for use for different makeup brushes. It has a spinner bowl that is made of plastic and splash guard that you cleaning exercise is neat all through. However, you power it using batteries which can be quite costly considering the replacement costs when you have to clean many brushes frequently.


It is powered using batteries so you will not be limited to using it close to an electric power source.

You can use it with most of the common brushes since it comes with 8 different collars that can accommodate different diameters.

It comes with a collar stand that you can use to store your brushes once they are clean for easier management.

You will love that its spinner bowl is made of plastic which does not break easily making it very durable.

It also protects you from water splashes using a rubber splash guard that is fitted with the spinner bowl.

You will spend less time cleaning your brushes especially if they are many since it only spends a maximum of ten seconds on each brush.

It removes 99% of the germs from your brushes which ensures your chance of picking infections is limited.


It works with batteries which will need constant replacement in case you have so many brushes to clean.

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