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Fitbit Ionic watch pedometer

Category: Pedometers, Brand: Fitbit , Model: Ionic watch pedometer
CHOOSE IT AS: The clock face come in different designs that are customizable to fit personal style and make fitness much more fun.
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Size: 1.9 x 4 x 8.7 in
4.8 x 10.2 x 22.1 cm
Weight: 10.7 oz
303 g
Display Size: Large
Display Type: Touchscreen
Color: Black
Wearing: Bracelet
Activity & Fitness:
Exercise Time:
Sleep State:
Duration: 4+ days
Windows Phone:
Auto Sleep Mode:
Remote Camera Control:
Menstrual cycle tracking:
Music: Personal songs list, Pandora station
Amazon's price:
299.00 $
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The Design of FitBit Iconic Pedometer

- It has an intelligent frame that is fitted with 8 different sensors that make it highly sensitive to its monitoring functions.

-It has water resistant capabilities and can be used up to 50m underwater which makes it much more durable.

-It is fitted with an integrated antennae that give it the ability to achieve strong satellite connections.

-It is made of aerospace grade aluminum that is lightweight to give it the ability to withstand exposure to tough circumstances.

-It comes with a tough scratch resistant screen that is high resolution whose interface can be customized to fit different styles and conditions.

-Its wristbands can easily be swapped to fit different styles depending on the needs of the user.

Fitbit Iconic Pedometer Features

It Offers Dynamic Personal Coaching

This pedometer watch is uniquely designed to offer very detailed guidance throughout your fitness. First, it has a dynamic personal coaching feature that personalizes your workouts to ensure that they match your fitness level. It also monitors your activities and offers recommendations to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

It Has Built-in GPS

To make it more efficient as a personal coach the pedometer watch comes with a built-in GPS that is very instrumental in tracking your workouts. So at the end of every workout, you will be able to see key statistics like pace and distance displayed on the screen. It also enables the pedometer to provide you with a performance summary that displays the map of your route and the overall time you have spent on different activities during the workout.

It Comes with Integrated GPS Antennae

If you have ever experienced inaccurate results using other pedometers then this pedometer will be perfect for you. It comes with integrated GPS antennae that give the pedometer watch the ability to capture stronger satellite connections. Therefore, even if you are working out in areas with a poor network you will still be able to get accurate results on your pedometer for more efficient analysis.

It is Designed with the FitBit Pure Pulse

This pedometer watch will give you the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring your heart. All this is made possible by the FitBit Pure Pulse feature which will ensure that you maintain a healthy level of calories in your body by tracking how much you burn in a day. It will also monitor your heart throughout to ensure you are aware of your resting heart rate and your cardio fitness level. The feature will also help you in managing stress by guiding you through breathing sessions. 

It Tracks Sleep Patterns

It is also quite effective in monitoring not just your health while you are active but also when you are asleep. First, it will measure the quality of your sleep through the night then use this information to help you set manageable sleep goals. After this, it will recommend to you a sleep schedule that you can use to achieve the sleep goals that you have set. Additionally, after it has monitored your sleep it will give you valuable insights to show you how your daytime activities affect the quality of your sleep.

It stores Music and Connects to Bluetooth

One of the advantages of this step counter is that it makes workouts fun as it allows you to bring your music with you. Yes, it has the ability to play music and can store up to 300 of your favorite songs while you work out. It is also optimized to be able to connect to Bluetooth earphones so that as you play your music you can receive updates from the personal coaching feature it comes with. 

Connects to Other Applications and Devices

The pedometer watch is also optimized to be able to connect to your favorite applications that keep you up to date on things like sports and weather. It also has the Fitbit app store that you can use to download some of your favorite applications like Facebook and Twitter. This feature is also designed to give you notifications, make payments using your credit cards and connect with other devices. 

Fitbit Iconic Pedometer Pros

- It has a long battery life that lasts for more than four days once it is fully charged. So you don’t need to constantly charge it and you can be assured that it will monitor your activities effectively for 24 hours.

- It is water resistant and therefore you can rest assured that it will not get destroyed if it comes into contact with sweat, rain or when you opt to use it during a swim.

- It is compatible with very many devices like iPhone and Android which it connects with via Bluetooth to ensure you can access your insights on a much bigger screen.

- It monitors your activities accurately so that it can offer great insights which also enable it to offer you guidance through its dynamic personal coaching.

- The clock face come in different designs that are customizable to fit personal style and make fitness much more fun.

Fitbit Iconic Pedometer Cons

The step counter is quite expensive at a price of $300.


There is, therefore, no doubt that this pedometer is very critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will act as your personal coach and give you some of the best recommendations to get more from your workouts. Apart from that, it will ensure that you get an accurate analysis of your workouts given its strong antennae. Since it can store music and connect to Bluetooth you will find it very key in making your workouts fun. Lastly, in case you are very keen on monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns it is your best bet. However, you should be prepared to spend quite some money on it since it goes for a price of $300.


It Offers Dynamic Personal Coaching;

It Has Built-in GPS;

It Comes with Integrated GPS Antennae;

It is Designed with the FitBit Pure Pulse;

It Tracks Sleep Patterns;

It stores Music and Connects to Bluetooth;

Connects to Other Applications and Devices;

It Has a Long Battery Life;

It is waterproof.


The step counter is quite expensive.

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