What to Choose: Hair Clipper, Trimmer or Hair Shaver

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The human body was born to be hair. It’s a natural cell regenerator that many of us do not know about. Hair is helpful in our skin and is important to keep our skin healthy. Hair follicles help in healing wound because of blood vessels present.

Some advantages of body hair can it being a natural cooling agent to help in adapting to weather changes.

Hair may be a natural healthy agent in our body but not everyone is fond of maintain body hair. Some ethnicities find visible body hair in areas like the armpits and the legs attractive, but some, do not like seeing body hair in these areas. There are also those, especially women who have conventional body parts removed of hair.

Hair removal can be unhealthy and would have dangerous effects on the skin. Some effects would be darkening of the skin, chicken skin effect and burnt skin.

Aesthetically, men and women alike in most parts of the world would like to have a clean and hair free face. In general women also extend hair removal on their legs, arms, armpits and even in their bikini areas to seemly look hygienic. Men on the other hand use hair as a form of fashion accessory including their beards, sideburns and head hair.

Studies have shown that more men have become adapted to hair removal as much as women and has influenced the different hairstyles and fashion of today.

There are many hair removing products and tools to choose from. Some tools commonly used are hair clippers, hair trimmers and hair shavers. The use and preference will depend on the user.

Before choosing which one to pick, here is a rundown of their advantages and disadvantages.

Hair Clippers

What are hair clippers?

Hair clippers were initially used in animal farms to remove sheep hair. It was then developed to work on human hair, namely on men’s beards. It was used before the creation of the modern day hair shavers. Hair clippers were also designed to cut longer hair.

Manual hair clippers are used with two handles squeezed together and then released. It is commonly used on men to cut beards and long head hair to shorter hair style. It is also used to trim the sides of the hair. Hair clippers are commonly used for military cuts.

The advantages of using a manual hair clipper are its ability to have a more refined control over the speed of the cutting.

There is a convenient alternative to manual hair clippers, mechanically operated. The advantages of using a mechanical hair clipper are the convenience of using it at home and safely caring it around for easy travel and storage. Most men would want to have a hair clipper kit on them to get rid of nose hair and even hair trimmings.

Hair clippers however are best done by a professional and not self serving. Its properties can leave the back and side of the head uneven and messy.

Hair Trimmers

What is a Hair Trimmer?

A hair trimmer is considered to be a man’s best friend in hair grooming. It is made of thinner blades than that of a hair cutter. Its basic use is for trimming short and loose hair. An example would be for mustache, nose hair and beards. A hair trimmer is commonly called a beard trimmer simply because of its common use, men’s beards.

For head hair, hair trimmers are used to maintain head hairstyle without having to visit the salon or barber shop. Its easy to use in shaping the hair without visibly cutting a thick chuck.

For facial hair, hair trimmers can be best used to maintain a style messy beard. Simply swiping through the beard without leaving it totally bald can do it. The upper messy layer would easily be cut off.

An electric hair trimmer will not leave a clean shaved look but a styled look. It can be stylish and manly, well placed and primed. It can also be used to trim the chest and armpit area.

Electric beard trimmers also come with different adjustable blades to choose from. These blade lengths will depend on which style needs to be achieved.

Unlike using a blade or razor, beard trimmers will not just give out a clean-cut, shiny shave; instead it will help maintain the mainly facial vibe without looking too disheveled.

Hair trimmer are a convenient grooming essential to be kept at home and travelling. It is adjustable with hypoallergenic blades that make hair and beard trimming a little less of a hassle.

Hair Shavers

What is a Hair Shaver?

A hair shave can be a ordinary razor, a manual shaver, or an electric shaver. A lot of different products and advantaged shavers are now readily available in any supermarket, grocery or convenience store.

Hair shavers will give that one distinct clean cut look that is can be perfect for men and women use.

Before the invention of waxy an depilation, hair shavers have been present in the market and have been widely used by barbershops. Women have come accustomed to shaving their legs and other body parts with hair by using a shaver.

Shaving have become a verb in its own right and it has changed human aesthetic and how they see beauty.

A clean cut shave on women have been viewed beautiful and a clean shaved man would be seen as well groomed and hygienic. There a lot that can be said of shaving and how it can change lives and beauty.

An advantage of using a hair shaver would be its easy of use. It is also painless and can remove the tiniest of hair on the body. Using a hair shaver is also very cheap and budget friendly. It’s availability also increases its use.

Some of the disadvantages of shaving though is it can leave the skin tiny cuts. These tiny cuts can be visible since it will leave the skin free from hair. Hair growth is also fast and visible when using a shaver. The hair growth can become itchy.

Hair shavers can be an easy and budget friendly solution to hair removal. It can be a quick fix to all hair removing needs.

Hair removal has affected the perception of beauty. It has now become a norm in hygiene and grooming. Even Commercial salons and clinics also extend hair removal treatments to improve confidence and moral.

Choosing among the three mentioned hair-removing tools would depend on the end result. Keep in mind the motivation of choosing. Will it be for a clean finish, a styled look, or a trimmed hair?

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