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Hearing devices are small devices placed around the ear or in the ear in order to improve the hearing of those that have challenges with their ear and also people with hearing loss.

A hearing device is a combination of many components which include a microphone, speaker, signal conditioning and battery.

All these components have their functions, the microphone converts the sound received into an electric signal, the electric signal is then amplified by the signal conditioning then the speaker convert the electric signal back to sound and lastly, the battery powers the circuit.

This process happens within a twinkle of an eye.

1. Phonak Audeo-B Hearing Aid

CHOOSE IT AS: It Can Connect to Multiple Devices.

Phonak Audeo B-Direct hearing aid has very interesting features. In this hearing aid review, we look at some of those features extensively and why they might be of benefit to you. 

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It Can Connect to Multiple Devices;

Low Battery Alerts;

It Can Be Controlled Remotely;

It Comes with Three Performance Levels;

Water and Dust Resistant;

It Comes with a Detailed User Manual.


Its batteries are rechargeable and that means that you need to have replacement batteries.

2. Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

CHOOSE IT AS: The device is designed in such a way that once you fix it behind your ears it is very hard to notice. And this makes it one of the best teen hearing devices.

The world has shifted technologically and this has ensured that today we have better devices than those that we had in the past. The Oticon Opn hearing aid is one such device that has been equipped with much more efficient modern technology to enable it to offer a much more efficient hearing experience. In this hearing aid review, we are going to look at its features and outline some of the advantages that it comes with. Read along to find out. 

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It is Rechargeable;

It Comes with Tinnitus Support;

It has the 360 Soundscape Technology;

It Works with the Oticon ON App;

Telecoil Technology;

Wireless Connectivity;

Enables You to Alter Sounds;

Boost Sounds;

Enjoy Less Distortion;

It Cannot be Affected by Water;


Very High Price;

The Oticon ON app is only limited to work with Apple devices.

3. Siemens Lotus 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Amplifier 4.7

CHOOSE IT AS: The benefits of Lotus 12SP are far outweigh the downsides.

The Siemens Lotus hearing aids are some of the best digital hearing aids that you can ever use or purchase for someone that you love. To stand out from other hearing aids brands, the manufacturer makes these products in different categories with different features and sizes, so before purchase, it is important to understand what exactly you want from a hearing aid to get a perfect fit.

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Rating: 4.7 / 5 stars   (on 4 Amazon's customer reviews)

It Has Noise Conversion Capabilities;

It can Control the Noise arising from the environment;

It can control feedback;

It cannot be affected by Moisture;

Volume control capabilities;

Impressive battery;

Suitable for all kinds of Learners;

Doesn’t need Doctors Approval to Use.


Lack of clear instructions on use.

4. LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier 3.9

CHOOSE IT AS: LifeEar boost sound amplifier is a 100 percent digital sound amplifier.

LifeEar boost sound amplifier works the way a microphone works, it picks up sound from the surrounding and feeds it through a small speaker, this device is a 100 percent digital sound amplifier, it has a four volume and noise reduction functions which makes it very easy for users to get most out of this device.

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Rating: 3.9 / 5 stars   (on 68 Amazon's customer reviews)

Easy to Use;


Amplifier does more than amplifying sound;

Adaptive Feedback Cancelling;

Noise Reduction;

Comfortable wear;

Great customer support.


Problematic to hear in a noisy environment;

Some trouble to hear when talking by telephone.

5. Otofonix Elite Personal Sound Amplifier 4.4

CHOOSE IT AS: Ideal for someone who struggles with their hearing and needs that helping-hand, but might not have access to the several thousand dollars that traditional hearing aids cost.

If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable personal hearing amplifier that has a host of benefits and features, as well as good customer support, it seems that the Otofonix Elite is definitely a device to consider.

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Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars   (on 119 Amazon's customer reviews)

Extensive Battery Life;

Unobtrusive and Discrete Design;

4 Different Sounds Amplification Channels;

12 Bands and 10 Volume Levels;

Suitable for Traveling;

Good customer support.


6. Britzgo ВНА-220Ѕ 4.0

CHOOSE IT AS: Thе іdеаl hеаrіng аmрlіfіеr fоr аll sоrts оf lіstеnіng еnvіrоnmеnts.

Вrіtzgо Неаrіng Аmрlіfіеr ВНА-220Ѕ, mоdеrn аnd fаshіоn dеsіgnеd - adјustаblе tubе tо fіt bоth еаrs.

This Аmрlіfіеr роssеssеs thе fоllоwіng fеаturеs: 

1 Вrіtzgо Рrеmіum Dіgіtаl ВНА-220 hеаrіng аmрlіfіеr

1 trаvеl саrrуіng саsе;

1 сlеаnіng brush;

1 іnstruсtіоn mаnuаl;

2 LR44 bаttеrу;

3 dоmеs, fоr smаll, mеdіum аnd lаrgе sіzеs.

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Rating: 4.0 / 5 stars   (on 265 Amazon's customer reviews)

Digitally Design Better Then Analogue;

Efficient Battery Life;

Аs Simple in Design as Possible;

Good Fitting;

Changeable Tube to Fit Both Ears;

Adjustable Sound Level.


Νоt tіnу.

7. Easy Us Life Sound Amplifier 3.5

CHOOSE IT AS: Digital technology delivering high pitch sounds to your ear, intelligent volume control.

Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear In-The-Canal (ITC) design sound amplifier. A device work with one A10 cell battery up to 500 hours. Easy to power off this unit when you sleep or any other times you don't want to use it.

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Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars   (on 141 Amazon's customer reviews)

Small Size of Sound Amplifier;

Good price;

Helps to drive a car;

Simple functionality.


It Cannot be Programmed After Ordering and Buying the Item;

There is no 100 percent guarantee that the product will work perfectly after it is shipped and delivered to the buyer.

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