Siemens Lotus 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Amplifier Review

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Siemens Lotus 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Amplifier

Category: Hearing Aids, Brand: Siemens , Model: Lotus 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Amplifier
CHOOSE IT AS: The benefits of Lotus 12SP are far outweigh the downsides.
Siemens Lotus 12SP Digital BTE Hearing Amplifier
Rating: 4.7 / 5 stars
(on 4 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Colors: Cooper
Wearing Type: BTE (Behind-the-Ear)
Exchangeable house:
Charging Indicator:
Adjustable Sound Level:
Ear tips: 3 sizes
On/Off Switch:
Frequency Modes:
High & Low Tone Control:
Digital Noise Reduction:
Tinnitus Control:
HD Music Program:
Remote Control:
Amazon's price:
89.49 $

The Siemens Lotus series hearing devices come in two categories, the Lotus Programmable hearing aids and the Lotus trimmer hearing aids. The Lotus programmable hearing aids are those whose inbuilt software can be adjusted to match the exact hearing needs of those seeking a hearing aid. On the other hand, the Lotus trimmer hearing devices can only be changed manually by the user to adapt to the environment or the preference of the user. The Siemens Lotus 12sp hearing aid, which we cover in this review, falls in the category of the Lotus trimmer hearing aids. Like all Siemens hearing aids, it comes with capabilities that are meant to offer the users quality design, durability, and exceptional comfort. 

The Technical Features of the Device

- This Device has in it a chip which comes with a 100% digital signal processing capability;

- It is fitted with controls that are capable of controlling noise from the microphone;

- It comes with a system that can eliminate any feedback arising from the surroundings;

- The materials used to make the product give it the ability to be moisture proof; 

- Volume can be adjusted through the manipulation of the rocker volume control system; 

- It has a dual functionality control button; 

- It has an FM learning system which can be crucial for learners with hearing needs.

The Benefits of the Hearing Device

It Has Noise Conversion Capabilities

These hearing devices convert noises from your surrounding into a format that your ears can process easily and quickly. This is achieved through the digital processing chip that processes signals with a high degree of accuracy. The chip taps noises from the wearer's surroundings that have been picked by the microphone and converts them into digital format to process the nature of the noise before converting it back into an analog format that can easily be deciphered by the ears.

It can Control the Noise arising from the environment

With these hearing devices, you don’t have to worry about the noise resulting from your hearing aid microphone due to your surrounding environment which is a common problem with most digital and analog hearing aids. The hearing aid has a feature that enables it to abate any noise that is coming from the surrounding. For this reason, you can take it anywhere with you; be it to restaurants, parks or markets without worrying about constant discomfort due to unpleasant noise that is originating from your microphone. This will allow you to focus on the most important sounds that are around you.

It Can Control Feedback

In the past, feedback noises from hearing aids have been problematic to most users. However, this is not a primary concern with this hearing device as it is designed with a system that is capable of eliminating feedback originating from the amplified sound that finds its way into the ear canal and is subsequently picked by the microphone leading to annoying sounds.

It Cannot be Affected by Moisture

You can choose to be cautious, but you cannot entirely prevent moisture from coming into contact with your hearing aid device. The designers at Siemens understand this too well, and that is why they have used materials on this product that make it waterproof. You can thus choose to wear it anywhere without the worry of replacing it after destruction with moisture.

Volume Control Capabilities

Is the volume coming in from your digital hearing aids too much or too little? Well, the manufacturer has ensured that you have control over that. With this hearing aid, you can adjust the volume you are receiving to suit your preference. If it is too much, you can reduce it. If it is too little, you have the option to increase it to levels you are comfortable with.

Impressive battery

The fact that the device's battery lasts longer means you can use it for extended periods without the need to charge it, if you are not in a position to charge it. In instances where you are running low on battery, the device has alert tones that will remind you to charge it.

Suitable for All Kinds of Learners

Parents who are solely seeking to buy this device for their children, specifically to aid their learning, will find it very useful. The device has an FM language teaching system which can prove very handy for learning. The system works together with a microphone that is used by the teacher to relay the teacher's voice to the students so that they can follow through with what is happening.

Doesn’t need Doctors Approval to Use

Another benefit of the product is that it can be used without the need for doctors’ advice as it has no possible damaging side effects to the users. The only caution that one needs to take is to ensure that the process matches their hearing needs to acceptable levels.

Variety Of Colors

This hearing device comes in different colors that the users can choose from. The manufacturer has ensured that all the devices in their series come in colors that complement different skin types so that when one is wearing the device, it is camouflaged on their skin. This benefit is particularly important for users who find it uncomfortable to use hearing aids that can easily be spotted.

Cons of the Hearing Aid

The only downside of this product we note from other consumers is a lack of clear instructions on use.Several users who have a history with the product complain that it has sketchy instructions which make it very hard for would-be users to be able to fully understand how to use the product after they purchase it. 


From this analysis, we thus say with confidence that this product is worth every dollar that you are going to spend on it as opposed to other hearing aid brands. The benefits far outweigh the downsides. Potential users shouldn’t be worried about the downside highlighted as anyone who is keen on the instructions of use can quickly consult with their supplier for detailed instructions on how to use the product before purchase. We, therefore, recommend this product for anyone who is sourcing for the best hearing aid for the elderly members of their family or just a loved one they would like to purchase a hearing aid for.


It Has Noise Conversion Capabilities;

It can Control the Noise arising from the environment;

It can control feedback;

It cannot be affected by Moisture;

Volume control capabilities;

Impressive battery;

Suitable for all kinds of Learners;

Doesn’t need Doctors Approval to Use.


Lack of clear instructions on use.

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