Toys Ride on Cars Reviews

Before buying a new toy You always want to make sure is it suitable for your child.

A good electric car should be able to offer the child playtime that ties into their imagination.

This is imperative if they are going to develop some creativity that is critical for their intellect.

Also electric toys car ride-on should be safety for Your kids playing. Before buying the toy electric car ride-on You must look at safety-belt types and suitable kid's age.

Here You can read the latest ride-on car's reviews, that helps to decide what electric car ride-on is the best for Your kids.

1. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing 4.5

CHOOSE IT AS: It comes with an extra wide Seat.

The Power Wheel Wild thing for children is one of the most outstanding ride-on toys that you can find on the market today. In this toys review, we look at how it compares to other electric cars in terms of safety, efficiency, and comfort. So we are going to delve deep into its technical details, features and some of the drawbacks it comes with.

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Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars   (on 3 Amazon's customer reviews)

The Child can reverse it Without Help;

Its Speeds are Manageable;

It Has Parent Controlled Settings;

It comes with an extra wide Seat;

It Can Perform Well in Different Terrains;

It Uses Rechargeable Battery.


The car makes a lot of noise;

It is very hard to keep in a straight line;

The seat belt is not high quality.

2. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep 4.6

CHOOSE IT AS: The specially designed Power-Lock Brake System automatically stops the vehicle when kid lifts his foot from the pedal.

Ride on jeep for little princess, colored with Disney Frozen cartoons. Disney Frozen jeep suitable for 3-6 years old children. Raider maximum weight - 130lb / 59kg. The product is designed to realistically reflect the Jeep Wrangler so that the kids get an experience that closely mirrors the real thing during their play time.

Full Fisher-Price Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep review »

Rating: 4.6 / 5 stars   (on 295 Amazon's customer reviews)

Helps The Kids to Think Creatively;

Safety is a Key Measure;

The Jeep come with a Rechargeable Battery;

Offers the kid a lot of space;

Stress-Free Playtime.


Additional 3AA batteries.

3. Moderno Kids Porsche Boxster Style 5.0

CHOOSE IT AS: The electric ride on car with one comfortable leather seat that has a five-point safety belt that keeps your child safe while driving the car.

Purple Porsche Boxster style ride on car with R/C parental remote. There are led wheels, 5 point safety belt and removable baby tray table.

Full Moderno Kids Porsche Boxster Style review »

Rating: 5.0 / 5 stars   (on 1 Amazon's customer review)

It Ensures the Safety of Your Child;

It comes with seat belts;

Easy to Transport as Luggage;

Easy to assemble the Product;

Easy to charge and the battery is protected;

Saves you Repair Costs.


Only for One Child;

Doesn’t work for grass, sandy or muddy surfaces.

4. Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV 4.3

CHOOSE IT AS: An extra-large dump bed with a working tailgate let's children haul whatever they need around the yard.

A good quality and impressive electric rideable car for your child and don’t mind paying a little extra for a reputable brand, then the John Deere Gator XUV is definitely a product to consider.

Full Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV review »

Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars   (on 172 Amazon's customer reviews)

Super Traction Wheels;

Extra Large Dump Bed;

Adjustable Seats;

Long Battery Life;

Can be Used by 2 Children;

Free 2 year Warranty with Consumer Participation;


An Expensive Toy Car.

5. Aosom Ferrari Type

CHOOSE IT AS: Authentic driving experience with forward, reverse and full steering controls.

Officially licensed Ferrari LaFerrari electric ride on vehicle.

Full Aosom Ferrari Type review »


It offers the User More Than One way Of Controlling it;

They Can Still Play with It Past the Age Limits;

It Offers the Child a Realistic Experience;

A range of Ways to Play With it;

Your Child Is Safe While Playing with it;

Sufficient Play Time.


It Requires a Long Period of Charging;

Space Limited to Only One Child.

6. Fisher-Price Power Wheels W2602 Dunе Rасеr 4.4

CHOOSE IT AS: Тhе Роwеr Whееls Dunе Rасеr іs dеsіgnеd tо nаvіgаtе rоugh tеrrаіn fоr оff-rоаd fun.

Dеsіgnеd fоr оutdооr usе, thіs оff-rоаd vеhісlе fеаturеs а Моnstеr Тrасtіоn drіvе sуstеm thаt еnаblеs іt tо gо оn hаrd surfасеs, wеt grаss, аnd rоugh tеrrаіn. Іts sturdу stееl frаmе wіth flаshу сhrоmе ассеnts bоаsts аn ореn сосkріt dеsіgn thаt іs rооmу еnоugh tо hаndlе twо rіdеrs.

Full Fisher-Price Power Wheels W2602 Dunе Rасеr review »

Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars   (on 1231 Amazon's customer reviews)

Тwо Ѕрееds fоr Веgіnnеrs аnd Аdvаnсеd Usеrs;

Ѕtееl Frаmе іs Вuіlt fоr Ѕаfеtу;

Моnstеr Тrасtіоn Drіvеs оn Rоugh Теrrаіn;

Cоmfоrtаblу Sеаt for Two Chіldrеn;

Great choice of colors.


Uncomfortable Safety Belts;

Youngsters are not Secure from Scratches.

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