The Best Birthday Gift for Kids - Battery Powered Cars

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Kids love birthdays a great deal. In addition to the thought of being one year older, kids love and look forward to receiving birthday gifts on this special day. It is up to parents therefore to find the best birthday presents that the kids will love. Little kids love the feeling of driving around with their very own battery powered ride on cars hence the best birthday gift. There are several different kinds of ride on toys from the colorful ones to the realistic ones. No matter what type of car is chosen, it is sure to bring some quick paced fun on an open field once the controls of the car are mastered. The best thing about these cars is that they are completely safe to operate. There are even some cars where the toddlers can get involved.

Going to an online toy store will likely present you with a few attractive ride on toys and cars. If you show your child the options online, he or she might like a few models just because of their looks. However, you should consider all the options in front of you and find out which battery powered car is best overall. Remember that these cars are quite expensive so you need to make sure that it can last so you will not have to buy another. 

There are many variety of ride on toys for toddlers that includes battery operated cars and pedal operated kids ride on cars. These ride on toy cars come in different designs, colors, and sizes, and are specifically designed with toddlers in mind.

Safety Features

If you are going to buy a battery powered ride on car for a toddler, you must make sure that the manufacturer indicates that it is toddler friendly. Even if you see the labels, you should check the specs anyway and see if it is equipped with a 6 volt or 12 volt battery. This should enable the car to travel at safe speeds at around 3 miles per hour for the 6 volt and 5 miles per hour for the 12 volt. These are the kind of battery powered ride on cars that teach toddlers how to drive and steer properly before moving on to something more powerful.

The controls of these battery powered ride on cars should be basic. These controls should provide the child with the freedom to do the basic options of going forward, reversing and accelerating all at safe speeds. The car's automatic stop feature should take place the moment the foot is taken off the gas pedal.


A battery powered car isn't the only type of rideon toys. Toddlers should be able to safely ride on a battery powered toy as soon as he or she learns how to crawl.

As your child gets older you may be able to move on to more sophisticated vehicles like motorcyles and trucks, which each have their own performance features. Even if you do not see them in the local stores, consider checking other areas, so you are exposed to all the different options. Depending on your area, your child might enjoy the all-terrain 4-wheeled vehicles. Although these battery powered ride on cars are a tad more expensive, they can be used in more places and can handle some abuse making them ideal for young car enthusiasts. With a little care its easy to keep these rides looking better for longer and this can also be a payoff once your little one outgrows her vehicle and its time to get rid of it, the better it looks the more money you can get in return when passing it on during your local community garage sale! Below are a few simple tips to keep your Power Wheels for Kids looking newer longer:

  1. When the ride on toy is not being used keep it in a garage or shed, leaving the vehicle out in the sun will severely fade the plastic, making it look much older than it may actually be. Leaving the plastic exposed to the sunlight will also cause it to weaken in strength and make it much easier to scratch and crack.
  2. Kids Power Wheels typically come with a sheet of decorative stickers to be put on the vehicle, I for one am not for putting all the stickers on, over time they fade out and peel off leaving either dull ugly decoration on the car or faded areas on the plastic where they was placed. I recommend keeping the stickers to a minimum just adding enough to bring some life to the car but not overpower it.
  3. Keep your kids car cleaned off, just like a real vehicle regular cleaning keeps it looking nicer longer. This can also be a good exercise to teach your child to do and give her valuable lessons in taking care of whats hers and making her respect and appreciate the value of her beloved Battery powered car!
  4. Follow the instructions very closely on battery charging. Proper battery charging will not only give your little one the most fun out of her new ride for the longest periods of time, but will also prolong the life of the battery. Following correct battery charging procedures can also save you additional cost in not having to purchase a new battery a year or so after your initial vehicle purchase.


The age labels in most kids' toys are there for a very valid safety purpose. For one, you have to consider the choking and strangulation hazards involved for small parts, loose strings/cables and removable units. For another, you have to take into account the weight limits allowable for the kids' toys.

Both of these apply to battery powered kids' cars. If the specifications in the users' manual specify for 2-5 years old only and only two riders at a time, then you have to follow them. Otherwise, you can risk accidents brought by broken parts, stressed metal and general breakdown.

Appropriate Surfaces

Most toys also contain very specific instructions about the appropriate surfaces necessary to maintain safety. Again, you have to ensure that you follow instructions to the letter. Remember that kids' toys are not manufactured to mimic the actual capabilities of their adult versions - toys for the big boys, if you must - only their outward appearances.

Thus, you have to keep your children's battery powered kids' cars out of the streets! Even with its bright paint and decals, these cannot be easily seen by drivers in their adult-sized cars, not to mention that these toys do not have the appropriate safety devices in real cars like airbags and brakes.

There is also the consideration that these kids' cars are not meant for uneven surfaces. The wheels and the body are not designed to rough it, which is unlike a real four-wheel drive vehicle. Again, do not be deceived by outward appearances.

Indeed, when it comes to your children's battery powered kids' cars, you have to maintain the right balance between letting them discover new things on their own and keeping them safe on their journey of discovery. This is what responsible parents must do, at least until your children are of the legal age.

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