Phonak Audeo-B Hearing Aid Review

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Phonak Audeo-B Hearing Aid

Category: Hearing Aids, Brand: Phonak , Model: Audeo-B Hearing Aid
CHOOSE IT AS: It Can Connect to Multiple Devices.
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Colors: Beige, White, +7colors
Wearing Type: RIC
Exchangeable house:
Duration: 1 (24 hour) Days
Charging Indicator:
Adjustable Sound Level:
Amplification Programs: 3
Ear tips: 3 types
On/Off Switch:
Frequency Modes:
High & Low Tone Control:
Digital Noise Reduction:
Tinnitus Control:
HD Music Program:
Remote Control:
Amazon's price:
2600.00 $
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Phonak Audeo B Technical Details

- It functions through the use of the Autosense OS operating system which analyses the sound in an environment every 0.4 seconds and automatically adjusts the volume of the device to fit your surroundings.

- It comes in a diverse number of colors which the users can choose from. Some of these colors are; chestnut, silver grey, sand beige and graphite grey.

- It is fitted with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology that enables it to connect to phones to ensure that the user is well positioned to receive and reject calls through the earpiece effortlessly.

- It comes in a Nano coating that highly boosts the hearing aid's durability. Therefore, as long as it is well handled, it will last for a very long time.

- It is designed with three performance levels that are very critical to ensure that the device is optimized to deliver in any environment. The performance levels are; Premium (B90), Advanced (B70), Standard (B50).

- The receiver-style is RIC (Receiver In Canal) which basically means that the receiver is positioned inside the ear canal.

- It is designed to be water and dust resistant so it is not easily damaged by exposure to dust and moisture.

- It is powered by a zinc-air battery size 13 which is not rechargeable but can be replaced once it is depleted.

- It has a multifunctional push button on the hearing aid which can be used to manually change the volume, receive and reject calls.

- It also has the tinnitus balance noise generator and a Noise Block to protect the user.

Phonak Audeo B Hearing Aid Pros

It Can Connect to Multiple Devices

You probably need a device that you can use to connect to other devices that you normally use. The Phonak Audeo B can connect to your phone through Bluetooth thus acting as a headset that enables you to receive or reject calls. And this is possible for all types of Phones whether they run on iOS or Android. Thanks to its built-in microphones you will be able to have phone conversations clearly and conveniently. It is also fitted with the Phonak TV connector that directly connects to your TV to enable you to follow your favorite programs in top-notch sound.

Low Battery Alerts

It can be quite a great inconvenience if your hearing aid’s power runs out without your knowledge. For this Phonak hearing aid that won’t be much of a problem as it is designed to issue you with timely alerts to inform you if your battery needs changing. It does this through the use of two beeps in your hearing aid and depending on the settings you have used in the hearing aid, you will have up to 30 minutes to change the battery.

It Can Be Controlled Remotely

Sometimes it’s quite embarrassing when you have to fiddle with your hearing aid in public so that you can get the right settings for your surroundings. For this sound amplifier that is not necessary as it comes with the Phonak remote control app that you can use to control the hearing aid remotely. The application will help you to select the perfect hearing aid program for you. It will also allow you to control not only the volume but also customize the sounds to your settings.

It Comes with Three Performance Levels

In any given day you can be exposed to many sound settings and adjusting your hearing aid to match all those settings can be very hectic. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with this hearing aid as it comes with three performance levels that enable it to adapt to every sound setting automatically. This is made possible through its outstanding operating system called the Autosense OS which is optimized to detect different sounds in diverse settings for excellent performance.

Water and Dust Resistant

You definitely want a hearing aid that will last long, don’t you? Well, for this hearing aid its durability is safeguarded by the fact that it is water and dust resistant. Therefore, in case you find yourself in the middle of the rain, very dusty conditions or the hearing aid is exposed to sweat all you will need to do is clean it and it is good to go.

It Comes with a Detailed User Manual

Not all of us can be able to master how to use a hearing aid at one go. And that is why the manufacturers of this hearing aid have intentionally developed a detailed user manual that will teach you how to use the hearing aid. The manual offers very valuable tips on how to clean off ear wax that can lower the effectiveness of the hearing aid. It also offers an elaborate explanation of how to place the sound amplifiers appropriately in your ears to get the most out of it. Finally, in case you run into problems while using the hearing aid, you have a whole list of common problems users normally face and some of the possible solutions.

Phonak Audeo B Hearing Aid Cons

- Its batteries are rechargeable and that means that you need to have replacement batteries on standby all the time in case the battery dies so that you are not inconvenienced. This can be a very costly affair in the long run.


Obviously, this hearing aid is optimized to give you a unique experience through the use of cutting age technology. When the need arises, you will be able to use it as a headset through Bluetooth wireless technology that connects it to your phone. It also runs an efficient Autosense OS operating system that makes it sensitive enough to the surroundings to make the necessary adjustments. The only drawback associated with the device is that it uses non-rechargeable batteries which can be both inconveniencing and costly in the long run. Otherwise, it is a sound amplifier worth every penny. 


It Can Connect to Multiple Devices;

Low Battery Alerts;

It Can Be Controlled Remotely;

It Comes with Three Performance Levels;

Water and Dust Resistant;

It Comes with a Detailed User Manual.


Its batteries are rechargeable and that means that you need to have replacement batteries.

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