LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier Review

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LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier

Category: Hearing Aids, Brand: LifeEar , Model: Boost Sound Amplifier
CHOOSE IT AS: LifeEar boost sound amplifier is a 100 percent digital sound amplifier.
LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier
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Rating: 3.9 / 5 stars
(on 68 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Colors: Beige/Grey/Black
Size: 1 x 0.5 x 0.2 in
2.5 x 1.3 x 0.5 cm
Weight: 1.6 oz
45 g
Wearing Type: BTE
Exchangeable house:
Battery Type: 10/10 A zinc-air
Charging Indicator:
Adjustable Sound Level:
On/Off Switch:
Frequency Modes:
High & Low Tone Control:
Digital Noise Reduction:
Tinnitus Control:
HD Music Program:
Remote Control:
Amazon's price:
379.99 $
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LifeEar boost sound amplifier is very easy to use, it is very easy to maintain, very easy to remove, very easy to clean and it is not immediately noticed when you are wearing one. The batteries too are very easy to change. This device has four different types of noise reduction program to suit your hearing, you don’t have to remove it before you can change the frequency program or change the frequency, all you need to do is to push the button. This sound amplifier make use of 12 band digital sound processing and amplifies sounds between the range of 15dB and 25dB and this depend on the frequency program you are using.

This device has a noise cancelling function which allow the user to focus on the specific sound he wants to hear. LifeEar boost sound amplifier further have a twelve-band digital sound processing, this device also has an output limiting function that prevent extremely loud noises that can hurt the ear, this device is programmed in such a way that it has a maximum volume output and it will not amplify sounds coming in that exceed certain volume and it uses 10/10 A zinc-air batteries which is readily available in any shop.

Benefits of LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier

Easy to Use

LifeEar is already assembled from the company with the tubing and tip already attached, everything is made ready all you have to do is insert the battery and begin to experience quality improved sound.


LifeEar is designed in such a way that people will not notice it when you use it, it is very thin, available in three different colors to blend with your skin and hair colors and also this device sit discreetly behind your ear like a thin pencil. Unless someone look at your ear closely, it won’t be noticed.

Adaptive Feedback Cancelling

Because of the size of the amplifiers and the closeness of the speaker and microphone, it is very common to have what we call feedback or whistling which is as a result of sound that has already been amplified being picked up again by the microphone and then amplify it again. This is what happened when someone holding a microphone moves very close to a speaker, but the advance feedback cancellation system in this device takes care of this problem thereby reducing any form of feedback to the barest minimum.

Noise Reduction

LifeEar boost sound amplifier has layered noise reduction system that reduces the sound level of unwanted sound around you, it allows you to focus on only the important sounds in your life.

Other Benefits

• LifeEar boost sound amplifier does more than amplifying sound, it enhances your hearing so that you will be able to better connect with your friends, family and the world at large;
• The volume is easy to adjust and the frequency program settings is adaptable to any noise environment.
• This device has the best fit, it is very light, and you won’t noticed you are wearing anything at all;
• It is very comfortable, it is designed to provide you comfort without any disturbance;
• The company offers great customer support to help you if you have any question or any challenge about the product and they also offer after sales technical help.

Cons of the LifeEar Boost Sound Amplifier

• Using this device in a noisy environment can be problematic, for example, if you use this device during a sport event or on a winding day, the cheering sound coming from the crowd or the sound coming from the wind will be too intrusive;
• Different people report mixed results when calling on phones, some experience feedback while some cannot hear the conversation very well.


LifeEar boost sound amplifier is an amplifier that is designed to help people to hear better, if you notice that your hearing is fading, LifeEar boost amplifier is the precise device you need, it is comfortable to wear and affordable.


Easy to Use;


Amplifier does more than amplifying sound;

Adaptive Feedback Cancelling;

Noise Reduction;

Comfortable wear;

Great customer support.


Problematic to hear in a noisy environment;

Some trouble to hear when talking by telephone.

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