N/A Christmas Blinking String Lights Review

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N/A Christmas Blinking String Lights

Category: Outdoor Christmas String Lights, Brand: N/A , Model: Christmas Blinking String Lights
N/A Christmas Blinking String Lights
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Rating: 3.9 / 5 stars
(on 46 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Shape: Micro leds
Length: 33 feet
10 m
LED: 100 units
Color: Multi color
Amazon's price:
14.99 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

The major issue with these lights is that they break easily and that they are powered using batteries that you need to purchase initially and replace during use. However, the fact that you can use them in different settings and with different effects is a major plus.

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They come with a very long light strand that has 40 bulbs thus they can cover a very large area in case the area that you intend to cover is large.

These string lights will give you the opportunity to use them in 8 different modes which will enable you to customise their functionality to match your desired effect.

They are water resistant so you can use them outdoors without water damage happening to them.

They are designed to be used in different settings so you can use them in your living room, dining room or just as a Christmas decoration when the time comes.


They are powered through the use of batteries which you will need to purchase separately thus increasing your costs.

The wiring is very fragile and breaks very easily.

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