N/A Christmas Solar String Lights - Globes Review

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N/A Christmas Solar String Lights - Globes

Category: Outdoor Christmas String Lights, Brand: N/A , Model: Christmas Solar String Lights - Globes
N/A Christmas Solar String Lights - Globes
Rating: 3.9 / 5 stars
(on 170 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Shape: Globus
Length: 21 feet
6.5 m
LED: 30 units
Color: White
Amazon's price:
17.99 $
Old price:43.99 $
You save:26.00 $

These solar string lights come highly recommend thanks to the fact they can be used for different settings and are solar powered. The only problem that is associated with them is the fact that their solar panels are not quite efficient for cloudy weather. It is also not a good thing that their strings are not long enough preventing any chances of you getting creative enough with them.

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Since they are powered through the use of solar power, they will save you a lot on electricity costs.

You are not limited to using them as your Christmas decoration as they also come in different modes that you can use to customize them for other events.

They are also very flexible solar string lights that you can use in different places making them efficient for use in different settings.

They are waterproof thus you can choose to use them in different settings be it indoors or outdoors without the fear of damage from water.

They light up and switch off automatically depending on the time of day thus they will save up a lot of energy by going off when they are not in use.


The solar panels are not sensitive enough to cloudy weather, therefore, charging them optimally in such situations is a challenge.

The strings of the festive lights are not long enough to reach distant areas.

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