N/A Falling Rain Fairy Lights for Christmas Review

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N/A Falling Rain Fairy Lights for Christmas

Category: Outdoor Christmas String Lights, Brand: N/A , Model: Falling Rain Fairy Lights for Christmas
Release date: 2015
Basic Info:
Shape: Falling Rain
LED: 144 units
Color: White, Blue, Multi color
Amazon's price:
15.99 $
Old price:28.99 $
You save:13.00 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

If you are looking for one of the best outdoor string lights that can generate a different effect then this is the string light for you. You will find it useful that you can create a snow like effect out of it to get a different kind of ambiance for your outdoor space. It is also waterproof and dust resistant which means it is durable enough to be used for a long time. And that is value for money to you.


The bulbs light in turns and in sequence to create very wonderful effects that can make your Christmas decorations outstanding.

They are waterproof and dust proof to ensure that whether you choose to use them indoors or outdoors their durability is guaranteed.

They come with a tail plug that you can use to connect more light strings to create a customised style that is outstanding.

You can apply them for use in different occasions to bring out your desired ambiance.

The bulb consumes very low energy which will save you a lot of associated energy costs.


The strings break very easily.

Each string needs its own power plug to work effectively.

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