N/A Solar Christmas String Lights - Blossoms Review

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N/A Solar Christmas String Lights - Blossoms

Category: Outdoor Christmas String Lights, Brand: N/A , Model: Solar Christmas String Lights - Blossoms
N/A Solar Christmas String Lights - Blossoms
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Rating: 4.1 / 5 stars
(on 684 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Shape: Blossoms
Length: 21 feet
6.4 m
LED: 50 units
Color: Multi color
Amazon's price:
9.19 $
Old price:59.99 $
You save:50.80 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

One thing that is very amazing about these solar string lights is that they come in a different color which will offer you a different experience than what you usually get. They also use solar as their main source of energy which will save you a lot of costs. However, the only drawback that is associated with them is that they dim after some months of use. They can be a good investment if you plan to use them for only a season.


They are powered through the use of solar so they save you costs associated with the energy needed to power them.

They are very easy to operate thanks to their two buttons that you can use to effortlessly switch them on and steady the lights or make them flash to create a festive effect.

The light strand is very long so if you choose to use them as outdoor string lights you will be able to cover a very large area with them.

They come in a special flower shape that can give the area that you are decorating a different mood than what you are used to especially as a Christmas decoration.

When they are fully charged during the day they can stay lit for up to 8 hours at night.


The brightness of the bulbs seems to dim after being used for a long period of time.

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