Kaigen 7000CX Electric Reel Review

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Kaigen 7000CX Electric Reel

Category: Electric Fishing Reels, Brand: Kaigen , Model: 7000CX Electric Reel
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Weight: 26.5 oz
750 g
Maximum Drag: 66 lb
30 kg
Gear: 3.5:1
Motor Speed: 160 m / min
Bearing: 9
Capacity: 4-400; 6-300; 8-200 Braided Line
Quick Side Clutch:
LCD Display:
Memory backup:
Amazon's price:
428.59 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

You'll find it very easy to program this electric fishing reel The set comes with an LCD interface that makes it possible to do that and it gives you the option to also operate it manually. It is also fitted with six ball bearings that will give you a very smooth experience when you are letting in the line into the water and when it's time to pull your catch out of the water. Something else is that it works with a braided fishing line which is very strong and can't stand any kind of big touch. However, its manual reel handle is located on the right-hand side and so if you are left-handed you'll struggle with it a bit.


In case you run out of battery power you can always retrieve back the fishing line using its manual retrieve handle.

You can easily adjust its settings through its LCD interface.

Its fishing line can be used to catch big game without breaking since it is braided which makes it very tough.

You have the option of powering it either using batteries or using electricity with a capacity of DC 12v.

It comes fitted with six ball bearings which you will find very effective for the smooth rollout of the fishing line.


Its manual reel handle is located on the right-hand side.

Its fishing line can only cover a depth of 200m.

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