Gideon Luxury Foot Bath Massager Review

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Gideon Luxury Foot Bath Massager

Category: Electric Foot Massagers, Brand: Gideon , Model: Luxury Foot Bath Massager
Gideon Luxury Foot Bath Massager
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Rating: 3.7 / 5 stars
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One outstanding feature of this foot spa massager is that it comes with very large dimensions that make it easy to accommodate different feet sizes. You will love its six massage rollers that are well positioned to cover the feet perfectly and reach all the muscles. It is also fitted with waterproof digital controls to input your preferred settings. For sore feet, it can heat up the water and maintain it at specific temperatures for a smooth experience. However, its larger size means you need lots of storage space for it which can be an issue if you are squeezed on space.


You can use it comfortably if you fall in the large feet range.

It works with six different rollers that cover different parts of your feet to get rid of tension.

You can adjust it to your preferred settings that meet your needs comfortably thanks to its digital controls.

Its controls are waterproof which ensures they cannot be easily damaged by water.

You can set it to warm up the water to give your feet a very relaxing heat therapy that is good for taking care of the pain.

It comes with a timer that you can set and time the sessions that you spend in the foot bath.

It comes with a cover that ensures the water heats up faster.


It comes with larger dimensions to ensure it covers larger feet, however, the issue now becomes finding storage space for it.

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