Kendal deep foot & leg spa bath massager Review

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Kendal deep foot & leg spa bath massager

Category: Electric Foot Massagers, Brand: Kendal , Model: deep foot & leg spa bath massager
Kendal deep foot & leg spa bath massager
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Rating: 3.8 / 5 stars
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This foot spa massager uses both rolling massage and Oxygen bubble massage to reduce soreness and tension on your feet. You can set it manually from the LCD display or remotely using a remote control. It prevents your feet from overheating and keeps the heated water at a constant temperature using a PTC heating conductor. An herbal diffuser is fitted inside it so that you can enrich your massage with herbs that beneficial to your feet. However, its sides are so high and not wide enough for comfortable sitting. Another drawback is that its rollers have very point spikes that hurt the feet when you rest them on the rollers.


It uses motorized rollers to massage the feet which are quite effective for reducing tension.

You will enjoy the soothing sensation that the air bubbles release on the feet as they massage them to stimulate blood flow.

It comes with a PTC heating semiconductor that prevents the water from overheating and keeps the heated water at a constant temperature.

You can bank on its durability since it is made of a high-quality plastic that is not affected by plastic.

It comes with a remote control that you can use to remotely set it to your preferences.

You can warm the foot bath to temperatures between 20-48 degrees to stimulate the blood flow to your feet through some heat therapy.

It is fitted with a herbal diffuser that you can use to keep herbals that will enrich your foot massage.


Its sides are high making it a challenge to sit comfortably.

The bottom of the unit where the rollers are hurts the feet after some time. It would be good if they were removable.

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