Kendal Foot Massage Bath Review

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Kendal Foot Massage Bath

Category: Electric Foot Massagers, Brand: Kendal , Model: Foot Massage Bath
Kendal Foot Massage Bath
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Rating: 3.6 / 5 stars
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You definitely get value for money by using this foot spa massager since it can offer massages based on rollers, oxygen bubbles, water fall and water jet to soothe fatigued sore feet. It can offer your feet some heat therapy all you will need to do is set it at a temperature that is comfortable for you from the LCD display. The heating function is controlled using PTC which ensures the temperatures are constant and there is no overheating. It also has a foot cover to ensure heat does not escape from the foot bath during heat therapy. However, this unit does not have infrared therapy and the rubber rollers contained at the calf area are very uncomfortable.


It stimulates the foot reflex zone using two water jets for improved blood circulation.

You have the option of settings it to your preferred settings using the LCD display or a remote control.

It massages the feet using motorized motors that are very good for relieving tension in worn-out feet muscles.

You can use it to dry your feet after you are done using its hot air drying feature.

It has oxygen bubbles massage that soothes the feet and stimulates blood circulations.

You can set the foot bath to your preferred temperature to give your feet some heat therapy that gets rid of pain on the feet.

It has a foot cover that covers your feet during a session to ensure the water heats up faster.

You will love that its PTC heating semiconductor protects you from overheated water while ensuring the water heats up faster and maintains a constant temperature.


Although they are removable, the rubber rollers at the calf section are very uncomfortable if you are keen on using its waterfall.

It does not have infrared heating therapy.

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