Natsukage Luxurious Foot Spa Bath Review

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Natsukage Luxurious Foot Spa Bath

Category: Electric Foot Massagers, Brand: Natsukage , Model: Luxurious Foot Spa Bath
Natsukage Luxurious Foot Spa Bath
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Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
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This massage foot bath comes with the ability to give you a diverse number of massages, using rollers, air bubbles, water jets, and waterfalls. You will love that it comes with a deep tank that can cover your calves to ensure all the vital muscles for healthy feet are massaged leaving your feeling refreshed. It has a drain pipe that is very useful for draining the water from the foot bath especially given its size. However, you need to create some storage space for it since it comes with very large dimensions and its rollers are very small. 


It can accommodate your feet comfortably if you have large sized feet.

You do not have to lift it to get rid of the water after you are done since it comes with an external drain pipe.

It gives massages using motorized rollers which are ideal for reducing muscle tension.

You can also set it to give a soothing bubble massage that makes sore or worn out feet muscles relax instantly.

It has a display screen you can use to input your preferred settings to meet your needs.

You can set it to heat the water to between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius for some heat therapy for painful feet.

It is designed with a deep tank that immerses your feet fully so that the areas around the feet are stimulated for increased blood flow to the feet.

You can activate its red light therapy to help relive the feet of different kinds of pain.


It is large so you need to create storage space for it.

It comes with very small rollers whose speed is reduced once the footbath is filled.

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