COCTIONE Electric Glass Kettle Review

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COCTIONE Electric Glass Kettle

Category: Electric Glass Kettles, Brand: COCTIONE , Model: Electric Glass Kettle
COCTIONE Electric Glass Kettle
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Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
(on 52 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Size: 9.4 x 7.9 x 11.6 in
24 x 20 x 29 cm
Weight: 4.3 lb
1.95 kg
Capacity: 1.7l
Color: Black
Cord-free serving:
Power: 1500 W
Filter: Removable
Keeping warm: 6 houurs
Drip-free pour spout:
Boil/Dry Protection:
Automatic Shutoff:
Temperature Display:
Amazon's price:
49.99 $
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The COCTIONE Electric Glass Kettle boils up to 8 cups of water or beverage in record time and has a feature that will allow you to keep the water warm for up to six hours at your preferred temperature. It has a double wall designed to protect you from burning your finger when the glass teapot gets very hot. LED lights are fitted into it to alert you when the water is heating and it beeps when the water/beverage hits boiling point or your set temperature. However, it does not work well for beverages like coffee since it is designed to achieve the boiling point first before dropping and settling on the set temperatures.

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You can use it to measure the precise amount of water that you need to boil using the markings on its side.

It has a large capacity thus can be used to boil a lot of water at the same time.

You are safe from burns thanks to the plastic casing that covers the heated Borosilicate glass.

It shuts off automatically once the optimal temperatures are achieved or when the water reaches boiling point.

You can use it cordless by detaching it from its base.

It comes with LED lights that will alert you when the water is boiling and beeps when it is done.

You can set it to keep water that has boiled warm to your preferred temperature for up to 6 hours.

It boils water very fast.


It boils water first before settling on an automatic setting that you have picked.

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