Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Review

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Weber 55020001 Q 2400

Category: Electric Grills, Brand: Weber , Model: 55020001 Q 2400
CHOOSE IT AS: This Weber grill has grates that are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain.
Weber 55020001 Q 2400
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Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
(on 201 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2014
Basic info:
Size: 26 x 31.5 x 25.1 in
66.0 x 80.0 x 63.8 cm
Weight: 41 lb
18.6 kg
Color: Grey
Coating Type: Porcelain-enameled cast-iron
Material Type: Aluminum
Grilling Surface Area: 280 sq. in
1806 sq. cm
Grilling Surface Area: 20 x 14 in
50.8 x 35.6 cm
Removable Stand:
Drip Tray:
Fat-Removing Slope:
Temperature Control:
Cooking Area Type:
Power: 1560 W
Amazon's price:
299.00 $
Old price:349.00 $
You save:50.00 $
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Grilling is a very a fun method of cooking all manner of meats and many people who are experienced in it will tell you that the electric grill that you use is one of the key factors that will ensure you are doing it right. Well in this electric grill review we are going to look at the Weber 2400 Electric Grill and some of its outstanding features. Notably, Weber is one of the most prominent companies when it comes to the manufacture of grills, accessories, and parts. Let's take a look at what you get with this grill.

Weber 2400 Electric Grill features

It Comes With a grounded Cord

The electric system of an electric grill is one very important component of the appliance. To ensure that the Weber grill operates at an optimal level, it is fitted with a grounded cord. First, this cord plays a big role in ensuring that electricity is directed efficiently to all the areas of the electric system. It will also protect against electrical overload which can easily cause damage to the device or cause you injury. Apart from that, it is very vital in ensuring that voltage levels in the device are stabilized within the electric system. 

Porcelain-enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates

One of the most important aspects of a good bbq grill is usually the materials used to make its grates. This Weber grill has grates that are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain. What this means to you is that you will get to enjoy grills that are very good when it comes to heat retention which will ensure that your food cooks at adequate temperatures. Such grills are also efficient when it comes to heat distribution during the grilling process which will ensure your food is evenly cooked. The porcelain coating will ensure that the grill is less sticky and cleans quite easily.

Cast Aluminum Lid and Body

Something else that is very crucial when it comes to grills is usually the material used to make its body. For this grill, you get a lid and a body that is made of aluminum casting. The significance of this material to the lid is that it will help in heat retention during cooking to ensure that your food has adequate heat for a perfect outcome. The lid is also quite helpful when it comes to limiting smoke during grilling. And you are also guaranteed of the durability of the grill itself since aluminum does not rust and so exposure to water during cleaning won’t affect it.

Removable Catch Pan

For most people who are used to grilling, dripping oil is usually one of the most annoying things to encounter. This Weber electric grill comes with a catch pan located just below the grates that help to take care of such drips. It is also removable so that you can be able to retrieve it for the purpose of cleaning the grill. Having this catch pans means cleaning your grill is going to be a very easy affair.

Aluminum Heat Retention liners

To get a very good result from your bbq grill, it needs to be very effective when it comes to heat retention, especially in the cooking area. For the Weber grill, this is made possible through the use of aluminum heat retention liners that are located in the grilling areas of the grill. Aluminum being a good conductor of heat, it will absorb most of the heat coming from the grill and trap it within the cooking area to ensure that your grill has adequate heat for the best results.

Sufficient Power Supply

The grill obtains its power from a grounded cord which supplies up to 1560 watts and 120 volts for grilling purposes. For an electric grill, this is enough power to grill just any food that you intend to use it on with a guarantee of obtaining the best results. The fact that it is an electric grill also means you will not have some smoke to deal with at the end of your grilling as long as you do it right.

A cooking area of 280 inches

Something else that you will most likely love about this grill is its large cooking area. It comes with a cooking area of 280 inches which is quite significant especially when you want to grill food for many people. So it will be your favorite grill to use when you are hosting a large number of people in your house. The large surface also means it will be very easy for you to turn the food while you grill it to ensure both its sides are properly cooked.

Weber 2400 Electric Grill Pros

- It comes with a grounded cord which makes it efficient in distributing heat to the electric system and preventing damage to the appliance and possible electric injuries.

- It is made of cast iron which is porcelain coated and makes the grill less sticky and easy to clean. Cleaning is also made easy by the fact that it comes with a catch pan.

- It is very durable since its body is made of aluminum which is not easily corroded when exposed to water. Therefore, you can use water to clean it without concerns of it being damaged.

- It is an electric grill and that means you will not be dealing with smoke while cooking. Therefore, if you live in an apartment you can be able to use it indoors.

- It comes with a lid and aluminum heat retention liners which will ensure that sufficient heat is trapped within the grill so that your food cooks at sufficient temperatures.

- It does not take that much space but with a cooking area of 280 inches, it can grill a lot of food at the same time.

Weber 2400 Electric Grill cons

- It does not come with a thermometer that one can use to monitor the heat levels in the grill making it less efficient for heat specific grilling.

- It takes quite a long time to preheat. You will need at least 30 minutes after switching it on before it can get sufficiently heated.


The Weber 2400 electric grill is easily one of the best grills in the market today. It is designed to keep both you and the appliance safe during cooking thanks to its grounded cord. The fact that it is made of materials like cast iron which is porcelain coated and cast aluminum means its one grill you will use for a very long time due to the durability that comes with such materials. Those are just some of its advantages, however, if you want a grill that preheats within a very short time or one that has a thermometer to check the grilling temperatures it is not the grill for you. But all in all, it comes highly recommended. 

Weber 2400 Electric Grill Video Review


It Comes With a grounded Cord;

Porcelain-enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates;

Cast Aluminum Lid and Body;

Removable Catch Pan;

Aluminum Heat Retention Liners;

Sufficient Power Supply;

A Cooking Area of 280 Inches.


It does not come with a thermometer;

It takes quite a long time to preheat.

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