MsForce Headlamp

Category: Electric Headlamps, Brand: MsForce , Model: Headlamp
MsForce Headlamp
Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars
(on 586 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Weight: 8 oz
230 g
Type of Bulb: LED
Light flux: 6000 lm
Light length: 450 ft
137 m
Adjustable light angle: 90
Adjustable strap:
Battery type: 2 Lithium ion
Duration: 2 hours
Charge Type: wall outlet charger
Lighting modes: battery saver (1 LED) to medium brightness (2 LEDs) or even to The Ultra Bright (3 LEDs) mode, the additional flashing Strobe (3
ON/OFF button:
Practice for: Hiking, camping, running, reading
zoom in/zoom out:
Amazon's price:
37.73 $

It's amazing how this torch head can release such a powerful beam using only three headlamps. You will love it that the headlamps can be rotated to up to 90-degrees thanks to a pivot mount. It is also quite light and adjustable to fit any head size comfortably. One mode, out of its four modes, that you should be keen on is the flashing strobe which can be helpful in a moment of distress or if you just want to send a signal. However, its battery casing is made of rubber which is not very strong to hold up to impact.

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It is light and so will not cause you any head strain after long use.

It is powered by the use of rechargeable batteries which last longer and will save you some battery replacements costs.

You can operate it in four different modes with one mode being the flashing strobe which can be good for making distress calls.

It offers a lot of brightness even in the darkest environments thanks to its three headlamps.

You can adjust it to fit any head size comfortably.

It comes with a pivot mount that you can fiddle with to get a proper angle of view.

It is quite durable thanks to its dust and water resistant capabilities.


The battery cover is rubber and can be destroyed easily by an impact.

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