Berkshire Electric Blanket Review

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Berkshire Electric Blanket

Category: Electric Heated Blankets, Brand: Berkshire , Model: Electric Blanket
Berkshire Electric Blanket
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Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars
(on 3 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Color: Cream, Doe, Spa Blue
Material: PrimaLush and Velvetloft
Heat settings: 5
Amazon's price:
161.00 $
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For this electric blanket, Berkshire has included features that are meant to make your sleep time much more enjoyable. They have used two different kinds of fabrics on this electric blanket to ensure that it is both comfortable on your skin and preserves as much heat as possible. The wires run through it in a zigzag manner to ensure that there is even distribution of heat all through the electric blanket. It also works with only five heat settings since it is designed to adjust its temperature to warm up all areas automatically. However, if you are an active sleeper you should be aware that the fabric easily slips off during sleep.


It is made of innovative fabrics that are very soft to the skin and are effective in preserving heat.

You do not need to add a top blanket for insulation as it comes designed with one already.

It is very comfortable to use since its wires are thin and very flexible eliminating any stiffness.

Heat is distributed evenly on the blanket due to the wires running zigzag reducing chances of potential cold spots.

It has wire sensors that adjust the settings on the temperatures on the blanket to automatically adjust it to perfect temperatures.

It comes with dual temperature controls.


The fabric is quite slippery and so can slip off easily when you toss and turn during sleep.

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