Redder Electric Heated Gloves Review

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Redder Electric Heated Gloves

Category: Electric Heated Gloves, Brand: Redder , Model: Electric Heated Gloves
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
For Men:
For Women:
For unisex:
Color: Black with red
Fabric: Taslan
Temperature: 150 F
66 C
Portable pothook:
ON/OFF button:
Battery type: Aluminium polymer batteries

You sure have the perfect rechargeable heated gloves in these gloves that you can use for almost all your outdoor winter activities. They come with different heat settings that you can use for just any cold temperature out there to ensure your hands are warm. You can use them in wet conditions since they are waterproof and they come with an elongated cuff that is quite ideal for keeping off the wind. Something else that is outstanding about them is that they come with a leather pad on the palm area that is very vital for rugged activities like mountain climbing. However, their fingertips are not designed to be used on touchscreen devices like smartphones so you will need to remove them for that.


Their heating temperatures can be adjusted to counter different cold temperatures.

You will find them very comfortable as the fabric they are made of is both breathable and soft to the hands.

They save you the cost of purchasing replacement batteries as they are powered through the use of rechargeable batteries.

You can use them for strenuous outdoor activities like mountain climbing without any damage as the palm area is made of leather.

They come with pockets for holding the batteries in place while you are using them.

You can use them in wet conditions since they are made of waterproof material.

They are machine washable so you will have an easy time while cleaning them.

You can use them in windy conditions to protect the skin around your cuffs thanks to their elongated cuffs.


Their tips are not designed to be used with touchscreen devices so you will have to remove them to use your phone.

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