Shield Life TheraMat Infrared Heated Mattress Pad Review

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Shield Life TheraMat Infrared Heated Mattress Pad

Category: Electric Heated Mattress, Brand: Shield Life , Model: TheraMat Infrared Heated Mattress Pad
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Size: 80 x 60 in
203 x 152 cm
Color: White
Fabric: Polyster
Auto shut off:
Remote Control:
Heating Settings: 5
Amazon's price:
389.99 $
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This electric mattress heating pad is fitted with three different technologies that are quite beneficial for your health. First, its heat source is Far Infrared heat which does not dehydrate the skin like other heating pads do. Apart from that, it is capable of eliminating harmful electromagnetic emissions to ensure you sleep safe and sound. Then it has the capacity to sense the temperatures on your mattress and bring them back to optimal levels. You can also adjust the heating temperatures over nine heat settings using two controllers. However, its top surface is quite firm which can quite uncomfortable if you are used to a more cushy sleeping surface.


It is made of five layers which sufficiently cover the wires to guarantee comfort.

You are protected from harmful electromagnetic field emissions thanks to its electromagnetic shield technology.

It is a made of polyester which is very comfortable to the skin.

You will love it that it shuts off automatically to protect you from possible overheating.

It has infrared heat technology that generates heat which preserves the skin's moisture protecting you from dehydration.

You can trust it to regulate the heat temperatures on your mattress to bring them back to optimal levels.

The top layer is water resistant which makes it quite easy to clean in case of any spills.


It is quite thick and firm which can be very uncomfortable if you prefer a much cushy pad.

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