Simple Comfort Electric heated mattress pad Review

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Simple Comfort Electric heated mattress pad

Category: Electric Heated Mattress, Brand: Simple Comfort , Model: Electric heated mattress pad
Simple Comfort Electric heated mattress pad
Rating: 3.4 / 5 stars
(on 18 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Weight: 5 lb
2.3 kg
Color: White
Fabric: Polyster
Auto shut off:
Remote Control:
Heating Settings: 9

You will enjoy using this heated mattress since it is made of polyester fabric which is comfortable and is fitted with sensor safe technology which ensures that the mattress is heated at efficient temperatures that are safe for you. It also comes with nine different control settings that you can use to set it to your preferred temperatures. Fitting it in different mattress sizes is made simple by the fact that it comes with spandex skirting that ensures a comfortable fit and you can fit it onto mattresses of 18 inches in thickness. The only issue with it is that it comes with a single control which can be very inconvenient for partners sharing the same bed.


Its fabric is durable, very soft and comfortable to the skin.

You are unlikely to suffer overheating while using it thanks to its sensor safe technology that ensures it only heats to optimum temperatures.

It can be timed to automatically shut off after some time.

You can use it to preheat your bed before you jump in.

It can fit both small-sized and super-sized mattresses of up to 18 inches.

You can fit it perfectly with ease onto any kind of mattress thanks to its firm spandex skirting.

It does not catch dirt easily since it is made of both water and stain resistant material.

You can wash it using a washing machine which makes your work easy.


It only comes with one control and that makes it quite inconvenient in case you are sharing your bed with a partner.

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