Gyde Electric Heated Socks Review

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Gyde Electric Heated Socks

Category: Electric Heated Socks, Brand: Gyde , Model: Electric Heated Socks
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Color: Black
For Men:
For Women:
Size for unisex: XS
Suitable for: Cold weather
Bluetooth remote:
Voltage: 12 V
Amazon's price:
75.00 $
Item URL for sale

These electric socks come in a fabric that stretches very easily and can accommodate very many leg sizes. They are also very good when it comes to absorbing all manner of moisture to ensure that your feet stay both warm and dry. You can trust them to supply sufficient heat to your feet in a short period of time thanks to the microwire heat technology that runs through its system. However, you will need to spend more in acquiring the antigravity power packs that supply power to them since that is not part of the package when you purchase them.


They are made of elastic material that can stretch four ways to accommodate feet of any size.

You can wash them with water to remove bacteria without destroying them.

They direct you whether to wear the socks on your left or right feet.

You can trust it warm up your feet fast and evenly thanks to its microwire heat technology while ensuring your feet are comfortable.

The fabric it is made of is light and can absorb heat very fast.

They can be worn by both men and women.


You will have to purchase the device you need to power them like the antigravity power packs which can add on to your costs.

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