Lenz Electric Heated Socks Review

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Lenz Electric Heated Socks

Category: Electric Heated Socks, Brand: Lenz , Model: Electric Heated Socks
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Color: Black
For Men:
Size for men: M
For Women:
Fabric: polyester, Nylon, Merion wool, Spandex, and polypropylene
Suitable for: Winter events
Bluetooth remote:
Battery type: 2 lithium-ion
Charging port: USB-charger 100-240 V; USB charging cable
Amazon's price:
315.70 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

One outstanding thing about these battery operated socks is that their temperature settings can be adjusted remotely through the use of a smartphone via Bluetooth. This is very convenient when you need to adjust the temperatures on the go. The batteries are rechargeable and they take a very short time to hit full charge. They are also made of different fabrics which give the batteries some durability capabilities. One concern is that their battery packs are attached to the leg band using press studs which are not ideal especial when vigorous movement is involved.


They are made of a blend of different fabrics which make them both durable and enhanced for heat retention.

You can attach the batteries using press studs on the leg band for easy management.

They can connect to Bluetooth which makes it very convenient to adjust their heat settings remotely using a smartphone.

You will have an easy time cleaning them since you can wash them using a washing machine without any damage.

They work with rechargeable batteries which will save you some frequent battery replacement costs.

You can adjust their temperature settings to your preferences for comfort.

Their batteries take a very short period of time to achieve a full charge.


The battery packs are attached through the use of press studs which are not very efficient for rigorous activities.

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