TherMedic Electric Heated Socks Review

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TherMedic Electric Heated Socks

Category: Electric Heated Socks, Brand: TherMedic , Model: Electric Heated Socks
TherMedic Electric Heated Socks
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Rating: 3.3 / 5 stars
(on 12 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Color: Grey
For Men:
For Women:
Size for women: M
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable for: Infrared therapy
Bluetooth remote:
Battery type: AAA
Amazon's price:
130.00 $
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These electric heated socks are ideal for people who are seeking a heated socks variety that is capable of reducing the effects of medical conditions like Raynaud's syndrome. They have their heated element located at the soles of the feet to ensure that they activate blood circulation in that area to keep the body warmer. You can power them either using rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries and they are designed to adjust the heat they release according to the warmth of your environment. However, one issue that they come with is the fact that the pouches holding their batteries are located below the calf area which can be very uncomfortable.


You do not need to adjust the temperatures as the socks are designed to warm up to counter the cold in your environment.

They improve blood circulation to the arteries which eventually makes the body warmer.

You have two different options of powering them; you can use either rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries.

They are made of soft fabric which is very gentle to the skin.

You will be comfortable all through while using them since they are made of very soft fabric that is breathable.

The come with a pouch on either sock which you can use to store the batteries for easy management.

You can use them to reduce the effects of Raynaud's syndrome.


The location of the pouch that holds the batteries in position can be quite uncomfortable for some people.

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