Holmes Bathroom Heater Review

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Holmes Bathroom Heater

Category: Electric Heaters, Brand: Holmes , Model: Bathroom Heater
Holmes Bathroom Heater
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Rating: 3.8 / 5 stars
(on 1865 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic Info:
Size: 12.83 x 10.35 x 8.19 in
32.5 x 26.3 x 20.8 cm
Power: 1500 W
Weight: 3.4 lb
1.5 kg
Heating Area: approx., 200 sq.ft.
18.5 sq.m.
Color: White
Noise Level: Low
Flame Effect:
Remote Controler:
Amazon's price:
29.99 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

This electric heater comes recommended just because of the fact that it upholds your safety while you are using it in the bathroom thanks to the ALCI cable that it comes with. You will also love that it releases a high amount of heat within a short period of time to quickly heat up a bathroom for use. For all these benefits you can get it at just $30.

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It is a space heater safe to use in the bathroom since it comes with the ALCI plug that minimizes the chance of it electrocuting you while using it in such a moist environment.

They are not noisy while being used and this extends their use to not only bathrooms but also rooms that demand silence like baby rooms.

The thermostat is very accurate which is critical since it will ensure that your heat needs are met sufficiently.


It has a way of picking up dirt so easily therefore frequent cleaning is necessary so that it functions at its best or just to avoid unnecessary accidents.

It is good for heating small rooms like bathrooms. So it will not be as effective in larger spaces.

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