Dallas Cowboy Full Body Massage Chair Review

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Dallas Cowboy Full Body Massage Chair

Category: Electric Massage Chairs, Brand: Dallas Cowboy , Model: Full Body Massage Chair
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Color: Dark Grey
Fabric: Leather
Programs: three Individual memory functions
Remote Control:
Video Instruction:
Air Bags: 78
Heating Pads:
Bluetooth Audio:
Massage zones:
Amazon's price:
2488.24 $
Item URL for sale on:Amazon.com

You will love this Shiatsu massage chair since it can store up to three of your favorites settings in memory. It has over 78 airbags that conveniently spread throughout the chair to cater for different muscle groups. Magnetic therapy is also one of its strong features and it comes equipped with 8 magnets just for that. If you enjoy the spa massage therapy then you will love it since it comes fitted with intelligent massage hands that apply the same techniques used in a hand massage. One minor drawback to it is that its Dallas Cowboy Branded which might not appeal to you if you are not one of their fans.


It is fitted with an intelligent mechanical massage hands that imitate professional masseurs hand movements like a flap, knead and squeeze to give the hand an even massage.

You can trust it to offer you a consistent full back massage to ease tension on the neck, the back, bottom and the thighs muscles thanks to its S-shaped back rail.

It will go a long way in reducing the pain you are experiencing in your muscles using magnetic therapy.

You can adjust its three-folded head cushion to fit your height and reduce the strength of the massage on the back.

Its stretch function can be activated to ease the tension on muscles.

You can recline it using a single button to a zero gravity position so that your body is relaxed enough for a massage session.

You can activate its infrared heating mechanism to stimulate blood flow and metabolism in the cells to relieve the back of any pain.

It offers a line type massage that imitates the human hand curve to offer perfect rhythmic movements for a relaxing hand massage.

You can store in its memory your favorite settings so that when it is time to use it you save a lot of time used on trying to get the same settings.


It is a branded massage chair.

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