Pelican's Desktop Water Fountain Review

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Pelican's Desktop Water Fountain

Category: Outdoor Water Fountains, Brand: Pelican's , Model: Desktop Water Fountain
Pelican's Desktop Water Fountain
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Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars
(on 14 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Size: 15 x 11 x 22 in
38 x 28 x 56 cm
Weight: 15 lb
6.8 kg
Material: Stone
Shape: Pelican
Amazon's price:
149.95 $
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This garden fountain is unique in that it comes with a bird sculpture that is hand painted to create island hues that will give your garden a very different look. It is made using crushed stone and resin which is very durable since it can withstand most extreme weather elements outdoors. It comes with one LED light with 4 different white lamps that will give your garden a different fill at night to complement their stream that flows continuously thanks to the recirculating pump that is fitted inside it. However, the resin that it is made of is not easy to repair therefore you will need to handle it with a lot of caution since when it breaks you will just have to purchase a new one.


It does not take up much space and it is lightweight therefore moving it is not much of an issue.

You can recreate that seashore experience using this fountain since it comes with a bird sculpture that is hand painted to match the scenery normally found in sea shores.

It is quite durable since it is made of stone that has been cast together using resin that holds it together strongly.

You don't need to refill it frequently says it comes with a recirculating pump that recycles water continuously.

It can give your garden a totally different ambiance thanks to the LED lights that light brightly at night to complement the flowing stream.

You'll have an easy time assembling it which is time-saving.


It is made of resin which is not that easy to repair once it breaks.

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