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Fitbit Alta HR

Category: Pedometers, Brand: Fitbit , Model: Alta HR
CHOOSE IT AS: This is a very efficient pedometer bracelet that you can use for your daily fitness goals despite its prohibitive cost which is justified by the awesome features it comes with.
Fitbit Alta HR
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Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars
(on 1161 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2017
Basic info:
Size: 1.6 x 0.6 x 1.3 in
4.1 x 1.5 x 3.3 cm
Wrist Size: S 5.5-6.7;L 6.7-8.1;XL 8.1-9.3 in
S 14-17; L 17-20.6; XL 20.6- 23.6 cm
Weight: 0.8 oz
23 g
Display Type: Large
Color: 6 colors
Wearing: Bracelet
Activity & Fitness:
Exercise Time:
Sleep State:
Duration: 7 Days
Windows Phone:
Auto Sleep Mode:
Remote Camera Control:
Menstrual cycle tracking:
Amazon's price:
129.95 $
Old price:149.95 $
You save:20.00 $
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New Fitbit Alta HR Standout Features

Pure Pulse Heart Rate Technology

Ever wondered how it would feel like to have a pedometer that helps you to track the health of your heart? Well, that is a real possibility with this pedometer. It comes with a feature known as the Pure Pulse Heart Rate that is capable of monitoring your heart rate all round the clock. The feature enables the pedometer to give you insights on your workouts and even makes your workouts more efficient by informing you when you need to scale your works out up or down. This constant monitoring of your heart rate will also go a long way in ensuring that the numbers of calories you burn during the day are measured accurately.

SmartTrack Technology

If you have faced challenges trying to hit your fitness goals before then now you have a pedometer bracelet that is going to spur you on. Yes, this Fitbit pedometer comes with the SmartTrack technology that makes it quite efficient in recording and recognizing all your daily activities, even the most minimal. Afterward, it will use this technology to inform you how much time you have been active and the number of calories you have managed to burn during the day. And the best part yet is that it gives you the opportunity to customize exactly which activities you want it to measure. In the end, this will make you hit your fitness goals very easily. 

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

If you are prone to travel around a lot and you want a Fitbit pedometer that you can always use on the go then this pedometer is ideal for you. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to seven days when fully charged. You can, therefore, use it for those long travels that won’t allow you time to sit and wait for your Fitbit to charge. The fact that the batteries are rechargeable also means that you won’t need to spend extra cost in the purchase of replacement batteries.

Auto Sleep Tracking and Alarms

Your activities during the day impact your health to a great degree but what happens while you are asleep is also quite important. Through its Auto Sleep Tracking Technology, this pedometer will ensure you are adequately updated on your health both when you are active during the day and while resting at night. The technology will monitor the duration of your sleep and wake you UP with an alarm in case you have specified the amount of time you need to sleep. It will also monitor the consistency of your sleep and give you insights on the quality of the sleep you get on a daily basis. 

It is a Smart Pedometer Bracelet

This pedometer is not just designed to support your efforts to live a healthy life; it is also designed to help you manage other key aspects of your daily life. It is a smart pedometer that will help you to receive your calls, view your texts and get updates of your calendar notifications in a timely manner. The clock on it is also customizable to your requirements especially to match the insights that you are keen on receiving from the pedometer. It will also remind you when you have been sedentary for a long time through friendly notifications on its screen.

Health and Fitness Fitbit App

You also want a fit bit pedometer that you can use with other devices especially when it comes to the analysis of data. For this Fitbit pedometer, you will get to achieve that through its Fitbit app that you can download on any of your devices. From the device's dashboard, you will be able to monitor some of the most crucial insights like your daily activities. The app is also designed to accommodate several trackers within the same account so you can use it collectively with your fitness partner or just other family members. What’s more? You can also use it to develop daily sleep goals from the sleep data obtained from the tracker. 

The application is also designed to encourage you to improve your performance and motivate you through several ways. First, it will record your exercise logs and show you the impact they are having on your overall health. You will also be able to set an exercise calendar that will help you to view your fitness journey and how much you have accomplished in comparison with your goals. After you have hit a fitness milestone you will be able to take a picture/selfie and share it on your social media channels with your friends.

One other outstanding feature about the application is that it enables you to track your weight consistently so that you can take measures to keep it at healthy levels. The wrist pedometer will also measure your hydration by allowing you to log in your water intake throughout the day and most importantly during workouts. It will then do a simple analysis and inform you if you need to up your water intake. You can also use it to log in the kinds of food you take during the day to measure the number of calories that you are taking in.

Wristband Design Features

This Fitbit also prides itself in being the slimmest wristband that we have in the world right now. It comes in a very stylish slim design with a variety of options mostly based on the color used on the wrist band and the kind of material used on it. The collections are classified into three options; the Luxe, Special editions, and the classic collection. For the Luxe edition, you will get wrist pedometers made of either leather or steel. For the leather band option, you can choose colors like indigo, brown and lavender which you can match with your different outfits to get a wonderful look. For the metal option, you can pick from the stainless steel option or the gold plated variety. For the special editions, you will get the opportunity to go dark with the gun metal option or if you are a woman choose the more feminine rose gold look. On the other hand, the classic look is designed for the fitness enthusiast who would only love to use their Fitbit mostly during exercise. For this reason, It is made with durable materials and a band that cannot be easily detached that has very efficient waterproof features that can withstand any amount of sweat. The manufacturer has also partnered with different designers like Public School and Tory Burch to ensure they have other exceptionally stylish options for the fashion conscious people.

New Fitbit Alta HR essential Pros

- It has a silent alarm which you can use to wake you up without disrupting the sleep of the other people in your household.

-It monitors your hourly activity and if you have been sedentary for long periods it will alert you so that you start moving.

-The design is quite sleek and so you can wear it comfortably for different occasions without looking out of place, be it your daily jog or to the workplace.

-It has a long lasting rechargeable battery that you can use for up to seven days before recharging it again, this will save you both time and costs of purchasing replacement batteries.

-It enables you to involve your friends and family in your fitness which can be very good for your motivation and the overall fun of your fitness activities.

New Fitbit Alta HR Cons

-It does not come cheap and so its price is quite prohibitive.

-Does not have a feature that equips it to track stairs and this makes it quite limiting if you consider this a key activity for your fitness.

-It is not waterproof which puts its durability at a risk.


ll in all, this is a very efficient pedometer bracelet that you can use for your daily fitness goals despite its prohibitive cost which is justified by the awesome features it comes with. It will monitor your heart rate and track all your activities throughout the day. And you can rely on it to sustain you for up to seven days before it finally runs out of charge. It is also a smart pedometer that will allow you to analyze the data it collects through the Fitbit App connection. So if you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?


Pure Pulse Heart Rate Technology;

SmartTrack Technology;

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery;

Auto Sleep Tracking and Alarms;

Smart Pedometer Bracelet;

Health and Fitness Fitbit App;

A Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery.


It is Not Waterproof;

Do not Tracking Steps;


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