Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Tracker Review

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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Tracker

Category: Pedometers, Brand: Fitbit , Model: One Wireless Activity Plus Tracker
CHOOSE IT AS: Fitbit One Wireless Tracker is a great product going by the benefits it offers and is easily one of the best pedometers out there.
Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Tracker
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Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars
(on 12408 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2014
Basic info:
Size: 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 in
0.5 x 2.0 x 5.6 cm
Weight: 0.32 oz
28.3 g
Display Size: Medium
Display Type: OLED
Color: Black / Burgundy
Wearing: Clip / Bracelet
Activity & Fitness:
Exercise Time:
Sleep State:
Duration: 5 Days
Charge Type: USB Port
Windows Phone:
Auto Sleep Mode:
Remote Camera Control:
Menstrual cycle tracking:
Amazon's price:
99.94 $
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Technical Features of the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

- This wrist pedometer which is made of thermoplastic material comes with dimensions of 19.3mm x 9.65mm x 48mm for length, width, and height respectively.
- It comes fitted with an OLED screen which affords the users better picture quality when it comes to reading the data on the screen.
- It works bests in temperatures of between -20 degrees and 40 degrees and altitudes of up to 9,144km.
- It comes fitted with a three-axis accelerometer, an altimeter, and a vibration motor.
- It is packed together with a sync dongle, a charging cable, a sleeping band and silicon clip for attaching it to different places as the needed arises.
- Its power is provided by a lithium polymer battery that has a long life that ranges between 10 to 14 days when fully charged.

Benefits Of The Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

It Comes With an OLED Display

The most outstanding benefit is the way it is built to show the characters that beam on your screen. It comes with an OLED display which has so many advantages compared to other screen types. First, it will afford you a large field of view, such that it doesn’t matter from which angle you are going to be viewing the screen; you will still get excellent picture quality. For instance, if you are lying down in bed and you need to check your Fitbit data, you don’t need to sit up to get a clear view. Also, this type of display does not require any backlighting which means it preserves power that keeps the wrist pedometer up for an extended period.

It Is Designed To Be Waterproof

This pedometer cannot be affected by any sweat, rain or an unexpected splash of water as it is designed to be waterproof. Since it works best when attached to the body, there is no telling when sweat will come into contact with your device during your workouts, or how you will encounter rainy conditions during your routine jogs so this feature ensures that your device is always protected. However, it is not ideal for swimming as the feature only protects against minimal amounts of moisture.

You Can Sync It With Other Devices

A good step counter bracelet is one that affords you the opportunity to sync it with other devices, and this one does a good Job at that. It uses the blue tooth 4.0 technology to sync up with a broad range of devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers which run on Windows iOS and Android operating systems. This feature will give you an opportunity to follow your fitness data on a much wider screen with so much ease on your pedometer app. However, note that the syncing range it is capable of is only 6m.

It comes with Great Memory

The ability of a fitness tracker to record your fitness data is just as important as the ability of that device to store that data. And that is where the Fitbit one Wireless Tracker beats most wrist pedometers on the market today. It can store minute by minute motion data for periods of seven days with so much precision. In addition to this, it can store this data for a period of 23 days and provide you with daily totals on the same.

It Offers a Long Battery Life

You can be sure to use as a wrist pedometer for days on end without a worry of it running out of charge or having to charge it every time before using it. It comes with a battery life that stretches for over 10-14 days once completely charged after a charging period of between two to three hours. The battery which is a lithium polymer battery is also known to be very stable in instances of overcharge which means your device is protected from any consequences of overcharge in case you forget to unplug it from the charger once the battery is full.

You Have Many Options of Wearing It

It is not only fun but important to be able to track your fitness in different situations. However, this can be very awkward if your best pedometer does not afford you the ability to wear it differently as the situation demands. The manufacturers of this pedometer understand this too well and so have designed this it to be wearable in different circumstances. It can be a step counter bracelet; you can attach it to your belt, pocket or bra using the silicone clip that is provided.

It Works Even When You are Asleep

When you go to sleep this step counter bracelet continues working by tracking the quality of your sleep then records it for your analysis. For this to happen, you just attach it to your hand, and it gets to work. If need be, it can also serve as your alarm in case you need to be woken up. It does this by vibrating so that you don’t disturb your partner.

Cons Of The Fitbit pedometer

The silicon clips it comes with are not durable and are prone to breakage thus making the device unable to be attached anywhere when needed.

The clips used for attachment are also not stable and do not offer a firm grip hence can easily be lost during a fitness routine.


Based on our analysis, the Fitbit One Wireless Tracker is a great product going by the benefits it offers and is easily one of the best pedometers out there. However, it fails in reliability and stability when it comes to attaching it since the clip breaks easily after some time. We recommend it but after careful consideration of the highlighted concerns. 


It Comes With an OLED Display;

It Is Designed To Be Waterproof;

You Can Sync It With Other Devices;

It comes with Great Memory;

It Offers a Long Battery Life;

You Have Many Options of Wearing It;

It Works Even When You are Asleep.


The clips are not the best quality.

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