Sharper Image Bluetooth Digital Pen Review

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Sharper Image Bluetooth Digital Pen

Category: Smart Pens, Brand: Sharper Image , Model: Bluetooth Digital Pen
Sharper Image Bluetooth Digital Pen
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Rating: 2.7 / 5 stars
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Release date: 2016
Basic info:
LED indicator:
mini USB:
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79.99 $
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This is one digital pen that people like engineers or artists who need to take notes and make drawings will find very useful since it is fitted with technology that makes both of that possible in real time. It comes with Bluetooth technology that ensures it can connect to other devices like phones, tablets, and computers to make your work easier. You will definitely enjoy using its receiver that comes with a clip that attaches to the top of the paper and you can use it to record your notes as a video clip that can be used to prepare written instructions for groups like students to follow. However, despite the fact that it comes with these very amazing features, this digital pen is quite difficult to figure out for initial use.


You can use it to record your writing process in video format which you can share with your social networks in real time.

It has the capacity to connect with other iOS and Android devices thanks to Bluetooth technology for the transfer of the files.

You will love that it comes with a receiver that can easily be attached to the top of the paper for efficient results.

If you are an artist or an engineer you will find it very convenient that it can capture your handwritten notes and drawings for later reference.

You get yourself an extra ink cartridge that you can use when its ink runs out which will save you the money you would have spent to get one.

It stores all your handwritten files in jpg format which is so easy to transfer and open on multiple devices.


It is not very easy to setup and use initially.

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