Blossom Smart Watering Controller Review

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Blossom Smart Watering Controller

Category: Smart Sprinkler Controllers, Brand: Blossom , Model: Smart Watering Controller
Blossom Smart Watering Controller
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Rating: 3.2 / 5 stars
(on 209 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Size: 2.3 x 8.8 x 8.8 in
5.8 x 22 x 22 cm
Weight: 2.7 lb
1.2 kg
Zones: 12
Time Control:
Voice Control:
Automatic Rain Delays:
Weather Sense:
Amazon's price:
155.00 $
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You will love this smart sprinkler controller since you can program it to work with up to 12 different zones. Something else that you will enjoy is the fact that it comes with Wi-Fi capability which means you can control it from the comfort of your phone. And it is fitted with Power Line technology which is very instrumental when it comes to boosting the reach of your Wi-Fi meaning you can access it even if you set it far off the yard. Something else that is very outstanding about it is the fact that it supports power switch relay which will ensure that communication between your timer and the sprinkler is up to speed. However, one disadvantage that it comes with is the fact that you cannot schedule it to water the plants several times in a day or just water the plants at different times on different days. It also does not send out notifications when the sprinkler has been activated.


It comes in very small sizeable dimensions and a very simple design that makes it easy to set up.

You can connect to it via Wi-Fi to enable you to control it remotely from the comfort of your smartphone.

It is very convenient for watering a large yard since it can be configured to work with up to 12 different zones.

You can set it up outdoors without any fear of damage happening to it since it is designed to withstand water and dust.

It can work with a pump switch relay to ensure efficient and fast communication between the timer and the sprinkler.

You do not need to worry about your Wi-Fi’s reach since it comes with a technology that boosts the radius that your Wi-Fi can cover.

It can connect to different weather data sources and satellites to get accurate information that it uses to ensure that your plants are watered appropriately.


It cannot be programmed to schedule watering several times in a day and also allow for flexibility when it comes to picking specific times you need the plants to be watered.

Its application does not send out notifications when the sprinkler has been activated.

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