VeniCare Teeth Whitening Light Review

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VeniCare Teeth Whitening Light

Category: Teeth Whitening Kits, Brand: VeniCare , Model: Teeth Whitening Light
VeniCare Teeth Whitening Light
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Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
(on 12 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Weight: 3 oz
85 g
Accelerator light:
LED light:
Mouth Mold Tray:
Storage Case:
Amazon's price:
5.99 $
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This teeth whitening gel has the ability to ensure that the effects of teeth whitening are long-lasting every time you use it since it comes with an accelerator light. You will also be very comfortable while using it since it comes with a universal fit mouth tray. And it is very gentle to the teeth, therefore, you will not encounter any form of sensitivity after using it. However, it is powered by the use of batteries which are cheap but then you will have to incur battery replacement costs in the long term which can be very costly and it does not come with its own syringes that can make it very easy for you to apply the gel so you will have to purchase some.


It works efficiently without causing the teeth any form of irritation and sensitivity.

You'll enjoy traveling with this kit since it comes in very small dimensions that make it quite portable.

It works with an accelerator light that speeds up the functioning of the gel to ensure that the process takes very little time.

You will love it that it comes with a universal comfort-fit tray that can fit on any type of mouth size for comfortable teeth whitening process.

It is powered by the use of batteries which are energy saving and not as costly.


It does not come with a timer.

It does not come with gel syringes.

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