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Mangroomer Lithium Shaver

Category: Body Groomers, Brand: Mangroomer , Model: Lithium Shaver
CHOOSE IT AS: Mangroomer pioneering technology and advanced features, offer those seeking for an original shaver an experience that is notable. Close, contoured shaves with water resistant capabilities place this shaver on a well-deserved pedestal.
Mangroomer Lithium Shaver
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Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars
(on 123 Amazon's customer reviews)
Release date: 2016
Basic info:
Size: 9 x 3.8 x 10.5 in
22.9 x 9.7 x 26.7 cm
Weight: 19.2 oz
544 g
Color: Black-Red
Blades: Stainless steel
Precision: 7 length settings
Storage Pouch:
Running Time: 3x longer than a standard NiHD/NiCad min
LED Charging Indicator:
Micro-USB Charge:
Via wall Charging:
Rechargeable Battery:
Back Shaver:
Body Clipper:
Memory Safety Lock :
Amazon's price:
55.43 $
Old price:78.88 $
You save:23.45 $
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Technical details of Mangroomer Lithium Shaver

The Mangroomer Lithium Shaver offers a plethora of technical advantages that keenly set it apart from many other hair trimmers. In fact, it offers a lithium max battery that is able to endure longer usages 3x more than a standard NiHD/NiCad battery. This advantage also permits quick and easy recharges. Also with its charge indicator, users can easily observe a full charge.

For the purpose of delivering an optimal shaving experience, its Shock Absorber Multi-Functional Flex Neck and Shaving Head effortlessly conforms to every curve and shape of the body for precise hair removal. The addition of 7 length settings adjustable trimmer, allows areas where uncontrollable hairs exist to be properly maintained with a closeness advantage of 1/16th of an inch. Areas such as the underarms, chest, stomach, shoulders and groin are sure to benefit from this feature.

Correspondingly, its ergonomic body design and forgiving grip, permits enhanced control and stability that offers a reliable grooming experience. For those with sensitive skin, its hypoallergenic stainless foil and trimming blades, transfers with ease over skin limiting irritation. However one of the most admirable characteristics of this electric shaver is its resistance to water, which enables its users to effectively shave or tidy unwanted hairs in the shower if the need arises. Its water-resistant feature also allows users to conveniently clean their shaver in the shower without apprehension.

For those with thick or coarse unruly hair, Mangrromer’s signature Power Burst Button allows users to smoothly glide through strong hairs. Thus users with all standards of hair are able to take advantage of this all inclusive trimmer. Everyone is provided with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this shaver.

Mangroomer Lithium Shaver's Benefits

It is important to note that this shaver offers an incomparable shaving experience that is unrivaled by many trimmers that are presently on the market. This trimmer offers an advantageous shave for users battling with unsightly hairs in all corners and areas of their body. Its flexible head and expandable body offers users access to areas of their physique that most shavers cannot reach.

Similarly, its low-maintenance appeal and water-resistant feature, gives users the flexibility they need. They are able to operate the shaver both in and out of the shower. This non-limiting component is indeed admirable as some electric shavers have their restrictions.

The Mangroomer lithium shaver offers unwanted hair-sufferers from all walks of life to benefit from the advantage of one of the best shavers. It allows those with either coarse or thick hair to improve their hair removal experience simply with the click of a button recognized as its signature Power Burst button. In comparison to other shavers, this is very innovative as most shavers hiccup and are immovable when contact is made with thick hairs. This feature is indeed an beneficial component for those with various hair textures.

What is the most praiseworthy is the closeness advantage of 1/16th of an inch powered by the 7 length settings and adjustable trimmer. This promotes extreme closeness and precision that many shavers can only aspire to accomplish. However, with such proximity, irritation is often likely to occur. Yet, this trimmer offers a hypoallergenic stainless foil along with trimming blades that virtually eradicates skin sensitivity and irritation. With all of these key components, it is evident that the Mangroom Lithium shaver is the one of, if not the best shavers.

Mangroomer Lithium Shaver's Cons

However with the clear advantages demonstrated in this shaver’s review, disadvantages are of course inescapable. Although this trimmer provides features and elements that are profound, this shaver unfortunately does not offer a permanent hair removal solution. Instead, users must continue to perform a rigorous hair removal regimen in order to maintain the upkeep of hairless skin.

For those with stubborn and unrelenting hairs, this can become tedious and pose a problem. Many individuals look for solutions that can completely solve the presence of unwanted hair on their bodies.

More so, maintaining such a process and incessantly shaving areas of the skin can certainly cause discomfort, Although such a close shave can be achieved with this electric shaver, the susceptibility of ingrown hairs becomes questionable. All in all, the Mangroomer Lithium Shaver does seem to have its pitfalls but specifically for those seeking the permanence of hairless skin.


The Mangroomer Lithium Shaver is overall, an innovative beard shaver and all around trimmer that can be easily distinguished from other trimmers. Its pioneering technology and advanced features, offer those seeking for an original shaver an experience that is notable. Close, contoured shaves with water resistant capabilities place this shaver on a well-deserved pedestal.

When compared to the advantages of other shavers, this electric shaver stems far beyond its expectations. It provides those who have been shamed for unwanted hair, the opportunity to autonomously achieve smoother and essentially hairless skin. It successfully eliminates the humiliation associated with excessive hair and provides those suffering from this condition with the confidence they require.

Although this innovation came at the cost Brett Marut’s own devastating experience, it contentedly provided him with the platform to help those suffering from the same disadvantage. The Mangroomer Lithium Shaver is a pivotal device for men seeking a quick solution for unwanted hair and is indeed a commendable shaver. Despite its limitations, it is arguably the best multi-purpose shaver for men on the market.


- Unique patented design offers a fully extendable and adjustable handle that locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes;

- Easy to use, lightweight, and do-it-yourself;

- Allows to shave a back Yourself;

- Long running battery and super fast recharge;

- Folds into a neat, compact size for discreet storage or travel;

- No needed water or shaving cream.

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