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Last Updated: 16 May, 2017
Pedometer is a wearable device that can sense the motion of a human body and thus can be used to count footsteps of an individual.

Some type of pedometers are capable of giving you the information automatically while some of the best modest pedometers will require you to input some data before you can view the required information.

It helps in instigating a walker giving him a well detailed idea how much distance he covers during his daily walks.

1. Striiv Smart Pedometer

CHOOSE IT AS: This is a good product if you are looking to get motivated all through your quest to get fit, especially the fact that it rewards dedicated fitness by charity donations and makes fitness fun by incorporating real-time games that can be played with friends

Striiv is the only fitness tracker that makes fitness fun by combining it with interactive games whose primary objective is to enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Rating: 3.8 stars   (on 392 Amazon's customer reviews)

The Battery Lasts Long;

It makes Fitness Fun through interactive games;

You can Keep Fit by playing with Friends;

Presents Data in an Easily Readable Format;

Can Be Worn in Different Areas;

You can donate to Charity While Keeping Fit.


Device cannot be synced with other devices like smartphones;

The touch screen is also not as responsive as the one on smartphones;

The screen is also hard to read in bright sunlight;

Only limited data can be read from a Mac or Windows computer.

2. Omron HJ-321

CHOOSE IT AS: The OMRON tri-axis pedometer is the latest generation of pedometers uses a silent tri-axis mechanism that can withstand being tilted.

The OMRON tri axis pedometer is the latest generation of pedometers uses a silent tri-axis mechanism that can withstand being tilted. The OMRON tri axis pedometer counts steps, calculates distance and calories burned. It tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. It resets itself automatically each day, with a 7-day memory to review past days. 

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Rating: 3.9 stars   (on 2026 Amazon's customer reviews)

Large display;

Simple to use;

7 day memory;

Correctly steps counting.


The Omron Tri Axis pedometer’s is in oval shape and a bit heavy;

In some ways information could not be loaded from the device without resetting a file, losing all your history.

3. Ozeri 4x3 Razor Pocket 3D pedometer

CHOOSE IT AS: The 4x3 Razor pedometer claims itself to be one of the best in the market, as well as being the world’s thinnest and the lightest at the only 0.5 cm thickness, as well as weighing just half an ounce.

Ozeri pocket pedometer records steps, calories, distance, fat burned and exercise time with MotionLock to prevent unintended motion activation.

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Rating: 3.6 stars   (on 1890 Amazon's customer reviews)

The world's thinnest pedometer;

3D Bosch sensor with Tri-Axis technology;

Compact, sleek and razor thin;

Digital pedometer counts up to 1 million steps;

30 Day memory;

Auto Sleep technology.


Small text on the display.

4. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Tracker

CHOOSE IT AS: Fitbit One Wireless Tracker is a great product going by the benefits it offers and is easily one of the best pedometers out there.

The Product is designed to record your workouts and display them in creative charts that you can share with friends and even compete with them. It will also motivate you to approach your fitness goals with so much zeal by earning badges along the way as you follow your data on a pedometer app.

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Rating: 4.3 stars   (on 12408 Amazon's customer reviews)

It Comes With an OLED Display;

It Is Designed To Be Waterproof;

You Can Sync It With Other Devices;

It comes with Great Memory;

It Offers a Long Battery Life;

You Have Many Options of Wearing It;

It Works Even When You are Asleep.


The clips are not the best quality.

5. Semaco Wіrеlеss Ѕmаrt Вrасеlеt

CHOOSE IT AS: Ѕеmасо wіrеlеss smаrt Вrасеlеt іs а реdоmеtеr wаtсh thаt shоws thе tіmе, рlus thе fеаturеs thаt уоu usuаllу еnјоу іn а реdоmеtеr.

Тhе Ѕеmасо wіrеlеss smаrt Вrасеlеt соmрlеtеd wіth а lоt оf сараbіlіtіеs whісh mаkеs іt grеаt рrоduсt. Ѕеmасо Fіtnеss Тrасkеr іs dеsіgnеd fоr sеttіng Fіtnеss Gоаls Моvеmеnt Раttеrn.

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Rating: 3.4 stars   (on 88 Amazon's customer reviews)

Step, calories counting;

Well suрроrt іОЅ аnd Аndrоіd sуstеm рhоnе;

Brіght ОLЕD dіsрlау;

Smart display functions;

Wаtеrрrооf: ІР 67;




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